SLO Cyclist Goes Cyclocross – New Section Launch

28 August, 2015 Shane

Sea Otter, 2015. April and unseasonably warm. The cyclocross track cut straight through the pavilion with manufacturer’s tents and flags skirting the boundaries. I stood at the base of a ramp preceded by an s-curve that most riders completed by skidding to the dirt. There was so much blood. So […]

Redshift Launches ShockStop, Shock-Absorbing Stem on Kickstarter 

25 August, 2015 Bek

From their inception, shock-absorbing stems have seemed to always leave you wanting less. Less ugly, less weight, less un-cool. Redshift Sports is out to change our perception of shock-absorbing stems with their newest Kickstarter launch. You’ve heard us talk about Redshift last year when we checked out their quick release […]

Selle Royal Unveils Scientia Perfect Fit Saddles

21 August, 2015 Bek

While Selle Royal alluded to their new line of saddles designed to fit any rider in serious comfort over a month ago, today they’ve released specific details on their new Scientia range ahead of next week’s Eurobike bash. And these new seats promise that every type of cyclist will find […]

The Trick to Getting Bike Grease Out of Your Jerseys & Shorts

20 August, 2015 Bek

I’m sitting here wearing a white shirt and somewhat expensive workout pants. I’m not bragging about how much I spend on my clothes, I’m telling you that they now sport grease smears and a fancy (very newbie looking), chainring tattoo. It’s never intentional that I wear white on a day […]

Rotor Announces Uno, Fully Hydraulic Groupset

19 August, 2015 Bek

Rotor, popular for their sweet oval chainrings, revealed today that they are launching a fully hydraulic groupset called the Uno. Six years in the making, the Uno is unique in that its hydraulic makeup won’t just be used for braking, it will also help keep you shifting like veritable butter. […]

So What Do We Ride With? Here’s Our Favorite Cycling Gear

18 August, 2015 SLO Cyclist

Lately, we’ve been receiving tons of questions asking us what specific cycling gear we ride with. We test wide variety of products, and we also like to recommend to our readers great accessories for your bikes and thing that will make your rides more enjoyable. So, we’re answering your messages by […]

Week Two of My Sufferfest – Road Training Plan Review

13 August, 2015 Bek

A hamster is out-wheeling me. I’m an hour into another Sufferfest and leaning, heavy, forward into the bars. The soreness in my legs brings memories bubbling up of last Saturday’s ride. I’ll stay in that power zone, no problem. No extra effort here. But out on the road, I felt […]

Kask Enters the Dirt Arena with the All-New Rex Helmet

10 August, 2015 Shane

I know what you’re thinking right now. Isn’t SLO Cyclist just about road cycling? The answer is, of course, defninitely. We’re all about road. We’re all about the everything of road. But we’re using Kask’s MTB launch to announce a segue into the dirt path. No, we’re not going all-out […]

Catch The Latest Cycling Movies on Netflix

7 August, 2015 Shane

Periodically, we like to remind you of cycling movies and documentaries available on Netflix for those of you suffering indoors on your trainer. Because what better way to get motivated about raising your V02 max than watching professionals raise theirs on TV, right? Without further pomp, here are all of […]