profileWho is SLO Cyclist?: SLO (say it slow) stands for San Luis Obispo, which is one of the best places to live in the country–Oprah said so. I originally started this site as a little guide to cycling in SLO, but the response has been exceptional. now hosts a large, worldwide audience, and we’ve expanded our scope.

But we’re still committed to growing the sport in our home city. We’ll try to cover local races, shops, rides, happenings, and stuff. And maybe along the way we’ll host our own local events too. Yes, that’s coming.

And by “we” I mean our resident triathlete/graphic designer, our resident marathoner/marketer and social media director, as well as myself: resident cyclist/editor-in-chief. We’ve also got some contributing writers on hand, who are very cool people. Meet the team here.

What Makes You Special?: Here at SLO Cyclist, we’re trying to be something you haven’t seen before. Sure, not everything we talk about is new and different, but we want to be different in the way we talk about it. That’s mostly because I am unable to take anything really seriously. I think it’s a psychological issue.

So we’re not gonna reflect on what “togetherness” means here, but we will try to make you enjoy your stay without being mean about it.

You’re a Woman. Why Isn’t This A Women’s Cycling Site?: We’re not a women’s specific site. I know it’s sort of the trend for lots of sites out there to insert separation somehow. For me to do that would be like nodding in acceptance at all the times guys have said, “Yah, you’re pretty good. For a girl.” Just because I’m not a dude doesn’t mean I don’t have knowledge that dudes have. So I don’t want to exclude anyone here, just like I don’t want to limit women. Here at SLO Cyclist, we post about stuff that’s relevant–and that includes the female perspective and advice on women’s specific gear too.

Are You Doing Pro Race Reports?: OK, yah. We are gonna do race reports. But it won’t likely be anything you can actually use to follow the races. But it might get you interested in teams and individuals . . . with maybe a few bad lip synch videos along the way. We love pro racing (men’s and women’s), and we want to get people stoked about it in a unique way: by making fun of it. Hopefully that’s cool with Chris and Alberto.

So that about sums us up. If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to send me a message. Unless you’re Alberto, and you’re angry. Then, none of this ever happened.

-Bek, Editor-In-Chief