WHAT IS THE VIC CLUB?: It’s a place for Very Important Cyclists (all right, none of us are good at names) to gather and help each other out, get exclusive deals, and be generally cool.

HOW DOES THIS WORK?: There are two basic sections within the VIC Club: Deals and My Domestique. Click around on the Deals category to check out our latest exclusives from our affiliate and partner retailers.

My Domestique allows you to upload an image and get advice. For example, you might be having trouble deciding on two different helmets. You simply upload a snapshot of either or both, and you’ll get help deciding. There are several categories to choose from.

HOW DO I POST TO MY DOMESTIQUE?: First things first, make sure you’ve registered for an account. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Click on All Categories to select the category that best fits your question.
  2. Add a “Title” with your question, and any details in the “Description”
  3. Upload your photo
  4. Repeat as many times as you’d like
  5. Wait for answers and recommendations from other users!

WHO IS MY DOMESTIQUE?: You could be helped by fellow club members, by our editors/moderators, or both! In fact, you’ll likely get multiple opinions.

WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE AN IMAGE?: You are welcome to share an image you’ve seen on our site (be sure to add proper credit if it’s an image from outside of our editorial staff), or upload any pictures with permission/proper attribution. Better yet, just snap a picture from your phone and upload it directly on our mobile site.

CAN I UPLOAD INAPPROPRIATE IMAGES OR ASK ABOUT THINGS NOT RELATED TO BIKES/CYCLING?: Nope. Sorry, but we try to maintain a clean site, and anything we deem inappropriate for any audience will either not be approved, or will be deleted at our moderators’ discretion.

AM I RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT I POST?: Yes, just like everywhere else on the internet, you’re responsible for everything/anything you post. Which includes previously copyrighted materials, mean or derogatory comments, and everything in between, whether cool or uncool.

I STILL HAVE A QUESTION!: Hey, cool. No problem. Send us an email, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP. Heck, we’ll probably also add it to this FAQ.

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