Contador’s Crash, Sprint Finishes – Week 1 Tour de France 2016 GoPro Footage

Velon & GoPro in-ride footage of the Tour de France 2016 peloton

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Tour de France 2016 Stage 1 video

This year’s Tour de France has been more inclusive than ever, thanks to Velon and GoPro’s commitment to putting us inside the race. Not only are we seeing the race from the peloton’s point of view, we’re also seeing more in-ride stats . . . because just when you’re starting to feel fantastic about your 19mph average speed, you see the pros are averaging 31mph . . . uphill.

OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but we’re still intrigued by life sitting in the pro peloton. So, we’ve been checking out all the in-race videos from the Tour de France 2016, and we’ve compiled our favorites here for you. And don’t worry, no spoilers here from today’s stage!

360-degree View of the Peloton Passing Through

Because there’s nothing quite like standing on the side of the road for 3 hours to catch that golden 30-seconds of riders passing by. Now you can control the view of the peloton without suffering from standing around too long.

Stage 1 Sprint and Crash Finish – Cavendish Takes Yellow 

From the digital sign-in screen to the gnarly sprint-speed crash in the barriers to the podium showing Cav reveling in his first yellow jersey, this in-ride is a great peek into the spectacle of the Tour.

Contador Crashes in Stage 2 and Sagan Takes Yellow

Rainy conditions and an uphill finish meant for dangerous treks through traffic furniture–something Alberto Contador knows plenty about. Watch for the 1-minute mark where you see Contador’s crash up close to see just how burly and tough El Pistolero actually is.

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Photo Finish Goes to Cavendish Stage 3

Check out these close calls from a heads-up point-of-view after you see all the cool pre-stage preparations the riders go through.

Well those are our picks for this week. Whatcha think? Seen any great TdF footage you want to share with us? Let us know!

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