There Are No Stupid Questions

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It still happens. To this day, my palms perspire, and my voice shakes a bit as I tell the employee at my LBS what I’m looking for. This isn’t because the people at my LBS are jerks–quite the opposite–it’s because I’m afraid of looking stupid in front of the knowledgable staff in the store. Even with my years of cycling experience, I still dread that, “Oh brother, there’s a girl here who doesn’t know anything about bikes,” look. Terrifying.

And heck, there’s a lot to know about in this sport! Tire widths, standard versus compact, seat post setbacks, and the all-important question that everyone asks at some point: what do I wear under my bib shorts? Therefore, in the interest of combatting the snobbery in our sport and creating a safe space to ask questions, I’d like to announce Stupid Questions. Because as we all learned in Kindergarten, there really are no stupid questions.

But I can’t really make this section work without your help. I’ve already amassed a collection of reader’s burning inquiries over the past year, but here’s your chance to get in on it. All the while staying anonymous. Win, win.

Submit your “stupid questions” to me via the contact form below! I’ll answer them to the best of my ability. Get on board and let’s build an answer bank for everyone to use . . . as long as you never admit it, right? 😉


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