The TiGr Lock Mini Puts a New Spin on U-Locks

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TiGr Lock MiniThe folks at TiGr Lock are at it again–creating a cool and functional take on the u-lock. And, since it’s a TiGr brand product, this puppy promises a few seriously cool features. Not only will its construction keep weight at a minimum, its shape looks more portable than traditional U-locks. And a flexible design means it locks the same or more real estate on your bike with a profile that measures only about 4 inches wide.

Taking on a new Kickstarter campaign, the folks at TiGr are promising a light, easy to tote, and simple to use lock. At just 0.9 lbs, and including a carrying clip that attaches in place of a bottle cage, the Mini looks to have all the cool features of the larger bow-styles without the size. That means super quick, button snap locking, vynil coated body to keep from scuffing, and, we expect, the high quality construction that the folks at TiGr have earned a reputation for. Plus, you should be able to carry this one easily in a pack or a pocket without it weighing you down (literally, as far as your pants are concerned).

Since we had the pleasure of testing the TiGr Lock 075 last year (read the review and maybe find yourself a sweet discount code there too), we’ve been impressed with TiGr all around, and we’re stoked by this new offering. If the Mini works half as well as the lock we tested, this one’s a game-changer.

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Other cyclists already seem to know this lock’s a likely winner as the Kickstarter campaign reached its goal in days, but there are still 20 days left to get one (or several more) for $99. If you’d like to grab one for yourself, head over to Kickstarter to support their campaign.

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    • Hi Samuel! It’s a titanium material the is wide and thin, so it offers strength and flexibility. It certainly won’t scratch your frame either because nearly the entirety of the lock is covered in a soft vinyl. Really quite ingenious!

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