Why You Should Join a Local Cycling or Triathlon Team

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You’ve probably seen them in their matching team uniforms swimming, cycling, or running in large groups. The local club out practicing for their next race, and looking good doing it. As a long-time member of two different teams, I can attest to the benefits of joining your fellow cyclists or triathletes for a fun or grueling workout.

Why You Should Join:

Team Workouts
A good club will offer team workouts to keep you in shape and accountable. From weekly rides to build camaraderie, or intense speed-building training plans, most clubs offer regular workouts to keep you on track and motivated. Plus, if your club comes complete with coaches, you’ll reap the benefits of a personal trainer for merely the cost of membership (which often is only around $100 per season, depending on the group).

High Benefit, Low Cost
With relatively low dues, many clubs receive sponsorship deals that may even offset the price of joining. For instance, my team receives discounts of 60% off Lezyne products, Spy Optics sunglasses, and Xterra Wetsuits. Not to mention a myriad of cheap, or sometimes free, gear, gels, and energy bars. In past seasons, we could even buy bikes for 30% off straight through the manufacturer (although I’ve heard this has become more rare).

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You are also connected to a group that will offer used equipment to each other at low prices. Or you can usually sell your used gear with just a simple email to the team.

Loaner Bikes/Gear
Often the best thing about joining a team when you’re a newbie is the loaner programs. Many clubs have several bikes they keep for teammates who are still saving up, or are just getting their feet wet.

Team Kit
What better way to get pumped to compete in your next race than to sport your team’s colors! Getting a tri suit or bike kit will not only make you feel legit, it will also give you an unexplainable edge on your competition. You’re representing your team, and you’ll probably find yourself pushing a bit harder on race day. Plus, it solves the problem of what to wear on training days. 🙂

Incentives, Discounts, or Reimbursement for Racing
Most teams will encourage you to participate in races, which is great for several reasons. Clubs can offer you discounts on races up to full reimbursement for race fees. Either way, it’s a win-win (pardon the pun).

Those are only a few of the top reasons to join a team. So go make some friends! If you’re local to San Luis Obispo, check out these clubs in the area.

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Local Clubs:

SLO Nexus
SLO Bike Club
Cal Poly Wheelmen (students only)

K-Man Triathlon Club
Cal Poly Triathlon Club (students only)
Central Coast Triathlon (I know it exists, but I can’t find a website. Do a search for them, and you’ll find contact info–I just didn’t want to post phone numbers.)

Road Runners & Triathlon Club

Avila Dolphins – Open Water Swimming

Know of any other local clubs? Did I get one of these wrong? Post a comment, and let me know.


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