Watch Cyclists Jump Over Random Statues Because Sparta Wisconsin is the Bike Capital of the World

Kenny Balaey and Tom Oehler Discover Bizarre MTB Trails Playground in Sparta, WI

Because Sparta, Wisconsin is the self-proclaimed “Bicycle Capital of America.” And, you know, elephants and stuff. There are also graphics added.

Here’s a blurb explaining what you’re about to watch in more detail: “As curiosity pushed them to find epic spots to session, the two unearthed a 9-acre lot with over 600 ride-able statue molds. The lot, which is managed by a fiberglass manufacturing business named Fast Corp, overflowed with line options that allowed Kenny and Thomas to showcase their bike skills – from stylish stalls off a locomotive roof to a 20 foot trojan horse drop. With help from the town’s mascot, Ben Biken, Tom and Kenny mastered the fantasy like features and proved that biking is without a doubt the pulse of Sparta, WI. The part-animated video will debute on and features 3:00 of mountain bike trials action.”

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