How Do Team Mechanics Wash and Lube Pro Bikes?

24 February, 2016 Bek

Imagine degreasing, washing, drying, lubing ten or more pro bicycles every single night. This after you’ve spent the majority of your day stuffed in the backseat of a sedan with racing wheels at your sides and on your lap while you follow the peloton. At times, you jump out of […]

VizorX Full Face Weather Shield Launches on Kickstarter

9 February, 2016 Shane

If you’ve ever dreamed of going full Tron on your bike, today is your day. Launched yesterday on Kickstarter, the VizorX promises a fog-free, virtually unbreakable, weather protecting, totally Flynn approved visor for your helmet. All right, so maybe the Tron connection is a bit of a stretch, but the […]

Is A Power Meter Worth The Expense? We Do Science To Find Out

5 February, 2016 Bek

Power Meters – Are They Worth It? This is Shane. Shane likes bikes and wants to race. Shane hasn’t been working out lately. Shane’s going to compare a Heart Rate Monitor and a Power Meter in the name of science. Don’t be like Shane–just read his results. OK, enough silliness. […]

The Weatherneck Kickstarter Launches – Quick Release Bandana Review

3 February, 2016 Bek

The Nino is here, California. What was once a 65 and sunny winter is now 31 and rainy. Wind chill factor? Gnarly. Here at SLO Cyclist, we’ve been padding our short sleeved jerseys with thermal undershirts and waterproof outer shells. Not so great for enjoyable spins through the countryside–fantastic for […]