Awkward Roadie Tries Carbon Shoes

13 October, 2017 Awkward Roadie

I wanted to start taking cycling seriously, so I decided I needed carbon soled cycling shoes. I had read that the stiff soles increase your power transfer by 30%. Since I was riding a lot slower on the old Salvation Army Schwinn bike than I wanted to, I figured that […]

What It’s Like to Balance Cycling & Work

29 July, 2016 Curt Denham

In his first article, our contributing writer, Curt, shows us exactly what it looks like to balance work and a serious training regimen. Riding at 5 a.m. shows guts, Curt. We like guts. Especially since we don’t have any ourselves . . . “cue complaints about brisk, early 10 a.m. mornings.” Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, […]

Is A Power Meter Worth The Expense? We Do Science To Find Out

5 February, 2016 Bek

Power Meters – Are They Worth It? This is Shane. Shane likes bikes and wants to race. Shane hasn’t been working out lately. Shane’s going to compare a Heart Rate Monitor and a Power Meter in the name of science. Don’t be like Shane–just read his results. OK, enough silliness. […]

Week Two of My Sufferfest – Road Training Plan Review

13 August, 2015 Bek

A hamster is out-wheeling me. I’m an hour into another Sufferfest and leaning, heavy, forward into the bars. The soreness in my legs brings memories bubbling up of last Saturday’s ride. I’ll stay in that power zone, no problem. No extra effort here. But out on the road, I felt […]

Joining In On The Sufferfest – A Road Cycling Training Diary

28 July, 2015 Bek

The name is accurate. Turn any of the videos on and The Sufferfest starts telling you how you should soon be feeling pain. Celebrating pain. Embracing pain and kissing it passionately. Voluntarily. A few months out from a small ordeal called having a baby, I sit on my bike spinning […]

Women’s Pro Cycling Races to Watch in 2015

25 March, 2015 Bek

This year, we’ve got plenty of great women’s bike races to watch–with a few new ones added to the calendar to get stoked about. Watch and learn which races we’re excited to watch in 2015, and be sure to let us know what you’ll be tuning in for . . […]

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