Awkward Roadie Tries Carbon Shoes

Because There's A Little Bit Of Awkward Roadie In All Of Us

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I wanted to start taking cycling seriously, so I decided I needed carbon soled cycling shoes.

I had read that the stiff soles increase your power transfer by 30%. Since I was riding a lot slower on the old Salvation Army Schwinn bike than I wanted to, I figured that such a large gain in transfer would really transform my riding.

So I went to the bike shop, and grabbed a pair of Diadora Road Shoes with sweet carbon soles. They were blue and had a stiffness factor that was ridiculously high. Exactly what I needed.

But after my third ride with them, I couldn’t figure out why everyone raved over them. They made me slow, wobbly, and clumsy on the bike.

I constantly slipped and slid in them, and I simply could not make myself pedal any faster. Clearly, the marketing ploys had fooled me. Power transfer increase. Pfft.

The next day, I decided to try them again before giving up. I pulled up to a ride with my good friend, Heath, and asked him if he liked the new shoes.

“They’re awesome,” he said. “But why don’t you try them with clipless pedals?”



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