Coolest Bike Tech of the Week – New Cycling Gear

20 June, 2016 Bek

Sensoria Smart Garments & Heart Sentinel  It’s estimated that each year at least 2,000, athletes in the US are struck by exercise-related cardiac arrest. Since we cyclists often like to go the distance all by ourselves, we’re sometimes at risk for no one noticing we’ve experienced a cardiac-related incident. Kinda […]

Kickstarter: The BiKase SuperBand Stows Anything on Your Bike

25 May, 2016 Bek

The SuperBand: Versatile, Non-Invasive Cycling Mount If we’ve learned anything from Kickstarter, it’s that good bike things come from Wisconsin. We’ve also learned that the weather can get pretty rough over there, which is probably what makes Wisconsiners so innovative. The folks at BiKASE aren’t letting us down. They’ve just recently […]

Pearl Izumi Elite Escape Kits Reviewed – Bike Month Motivation

20 May, 2016 Bek

Pearl Izumi Men’s & Women’s Elite Kits Reviewed: Gear for Your Bike Month Commute It’s still May. And we’re still celebrating Bike Month with the help of PeopleForBikes and Pearl Izumi. We’ve tested two full kits from Pearl Izumi with the lens of using these as daily commuters or on longer mileage training […]

Strava Brings Live Segments to iOS and Android Phones

18 May, 2016 Bek

Feeling bitter about not owning the latest and greatest Garmin replete with all the Strava bells? Well the peeps at Strava  have heard your groans. Now, they’re bringing Live Segments to mobile devices. “Last July, we launched Live Segments for Garmin cycling computers and saw that athletes really enjoyed the feature. […]

The Weatherneck Kickstarter Launches – Quick Release Bandana Review

3 February, 2016 Bek

The Nino is here, California. What was once a 65 and sunny winter is now 31 and rainy. Wind chill factor? Gnarly. Here at SLO Cyclist, we’ve been padding our short sleeved jerseys with thermal undershirts and waterproof outer shells. Not so great for enjoyable spins through the countryside–fantastic for […]

Laserlight Tells Drivers You’re Alongside Them – Bike Light

23 October, 2015 Shane

There’s nothing quite so adrenaline-inducing as riding alonside a car. You’re not terribly sure that the driver knows you’re there–and a right turn without checking their blind spot first could cause you to be making a very sudden right turn as well. The people at Blaze have a solution to […]

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