Toss the Heart Rate Strap! LifeBEAM Puts The HRM In Your Helmet

28 September, 2015 Bek

You’re suited up. You’ve got an undershirt, bib shorts, jersey, maybe a vest on. You’re tightening down your shoes and ready to head out on a ride when it catches your eye. The heart rate strap you totally forgot to put on before you kitted up. LifeBEAM knows this scenario. […]

Dealing with Goatheads – How to Avoid Flat Bike Tires

28 September, 2015 Bek

I was on a streak of eight years. Eight years without a flat tire. Until yesterday, when I heard the clack, clack, clack of goathead on asphalt. I pulled over, and checked on the state of my tire–one small spike-laden weed wedged into the top of the right sidewall. It didn’t […]

Budget Friendly and Accurate Power: The Quarq Riken AL/R Review

26 September, 2015 Bek

As the evil Sith, Darth Sidious (aka Emperor Palpatine) said while reveling in the wattage emanating from his fingertips, “Power! Un-lim-i-tid POWER.” Well, there’s nothing evil about knowing exactly how many watts you’re putting forth from your legs, but there’s definitely the same exhilaration in watching your exact output at […]

Polar M450 Computer Includes Maps and Custom Colors for $170

23 September, 2015 Shane

Last week at Interbike we previewed the latest cycling computer from Polar, the M450. In fact we were so interested to take a look that we made the crew at Polar cut their lunch from Subway short. Unfortunately, we can’t vouch for whether or not they were still stoked to eat […]

Here’s What We Saw At Interbike 2015

23 September, 2015 Shane

There’s nothing quite like the energy of Interbike–it could be all the neon buzz of Las Vegas with its abundance of gnarly (we’re stopping at gnarly). Sin City aside, we really enjoyed two days of outdoor demo and three days at the main show, and we wanted to give you a quick […]

The Wahoo ELEMNT Hits the GPS Market Hard – Interbike 2015

16 September, 2015 Bek

Freshly announced today at Interbike 2015, Wahoo is releasing its new ELEMNT GPS bike computer later this fall–shipping in November to be exact. We saw a demo of its functionality, and it seems that the only thing this computer can’t do is feed you snacks mid-ride.  Available for $329, the […]

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