Adventures In Bike Land – We Weigh Our Way Through Interbike 2016

Follow our official scale as he makes his way through Interbike 2016

Disclosure: This article may link to affiliate sites/feature complimentary products for review purposes.

If you’re wondering what we’re checking out at Interbike, wonder no longer because the Official SLO Cyclist Scale is weighing his way through the biggest bike show in the US. Here where the aisles are big and the opportunities for weigh-ins are plentiful, check out the stops we’re making: gram by gram.

We’ll have plenty of more detailed info for you on all the latest and coolest gear in the coming days/weeks, but until we get a chance to get back to SLO and write this up, we’re giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to be on the Interbike show floor through pictures, video, and grams–all via our social media channels.

Yes, SLO Scale is pushy, and he cares about making you faster. He also may have gotten some funny looks. But we’re ok with funny. Check out our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Google+ pages to see what we’re checking out at Interbike. And be sure to keep a watch here for full info on all the gear we’ve seen this year.



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