BiKASE Launches GoKASE Mount System on Kickstarter – Review

GoKASE Sport Mount System and Uni Mount Review

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bikase go case mount system review

BiKASE, the folks behind the Outlier Backpack/Pannier and the Superband, now have a sweet way to get your phone from your car to your bike. One universal system lets you go straight from a hands-free display on your car to a heads up handlebar mount, and they’ve launched a Kickstarter to get the GoKASE to full production.


We got our hands on the GoKASE Sport Pack system thanks to the cool peeps at BiKASE, and we’re once again stoked to see the cool stuff coming out of the cycling minds in Wisconsin. This diamond-shaped locking mount comes in a sport pack for a full ride, run, drive complement.

GoKASE Kickstarter

BiKASE GoKASE Bike Mount

With a goal of $10,000, backers of the GoKASE Kickstarter have a few options:

Solo Pack (1 mount): $21

Family Pack (2 mounts): $34

Sport Pack (tested, see review below): $49

4 Pack (4 mounts): $69

Case designed for iPhone 5 through 7+ models

Launching via the official Kickstarter page until April 4th. After that, check out for product availability.

Also, the folks at BiKASE are hooking SLO Cyclist up with a 20% off discount at using the code “bike20” Why? Because people from Wisconsin are just cool like that. And, no, we don’t get a kickback on any of this. Don’t worry.

GoKASE Sport Pack Review

The GoKASE Sport Pack (tested) comes in an easy choice packet with the phone case that connects with the included bike mount, car mount, and arm mount. All work using a diamond/square (depending on your outlook) shaped interface that clicks in and twists to secure phone to mount. Except, of course, for the coolness that is the magnetic Uni Mount.

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Yes, coolness. Because this little clip is super simple, but also super strong and lightning fast. With an easy squeeze into an air vent, the Uni Mount lets you pop your phone off and on without having to fumble with anything.

It’s like you could just kinda toss your phone in the mount’s direction and drive off. For reals.

bikase uni mount review


Of course, you can also use the case with the heads up handlebar mount. If you’re a fan of keeping your phone on your handlebars–especially if you eschew the idea of alternate GPS units–this mount works pretty well. It holds the phone securely without wobble.

The mount screws on easily and adapts to most standard bar diameters. A left-hand bend sets it centered on your bars, and keeps the phone in easy reach. The mount is plastic, so it definitely stays pretty light–though I’m not sure how it might handle a crash. I didn’t feel like testing it quite that thoroughly.

bikase go case mount system review

Same thing with the arm band mount–just a click and twist and you’re good to go. It’s also quite secure and doesn’t budge at all in the connection. It’s super simply if you’re a triathlete looking to get your bricks in. Unclick from your bike. Click to your arm. Boom, run.

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Although I really like the option of having the arm band, I did notice it slip a bit unless I wore it over a long-sleeved shirt. I also found the band material a little uncomfortable and tight, so I actually added a band of soft material to the inside of it to keep it from itching. If you’re running in long sleeves, it works just fine. Finally, though, I also thought that people with larger biceps might find it a tight squeeze.

Overall, I really dig how the system works together. Low on hassle and high on convenience, the GoKase lets you go from car to bike to arm pretty easily.

Get more info on the system at the official Kickstarter page until April 4th. After that, check out for product availability.


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