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active bottle picBLDG Active™, the leader in bringing cutting-edge medical technologies to active outdoor athletes, announces two additions.  The new skin repair product and bringing pro Multi-World Champ, Brian Lopes, to it’s ambassador team.


BLDG Active Skin Repair

Price: $24.99 & $29.99

Weight: 3 fl oz

Available in a 3 fl oz spray bottle and a 3 fl oz hydrogel options


-Does what it’s supposed to do.  Minimizes the chance of infection from the all too common on-the-trail oops and ouches.

-Convenient size so it’s more likely to be there when you need it.


-It burns on application.  My daughter said it was painful when applied to her road rash.

-Not cheap.

The Review

Luckily(?) I had a test subject available as my daughter had a nasty fall in hurdles practice, picking up road rash on her knee and thigh.  We applied BLDG Active to the wound within a day of her spill and kept applying it over three days.  She preferred the topical to the spray as it caused less stinging to the wound.

The injuries healed well without any lingering signs of infection, weeping or oozing.  BLDG Active seemed to keep the wound clean and aided the healing process as claimed.

The Verdict

The size and convenience of BLDG Active Skin Repair could make it much more likely that it’ll be there when you need it–it’s easy to keep in your pack or car.  Timely and consistent use of BLDG Active did prevent fungal or yeast infections from occurring and kept the recovery time short.

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Not inexpensive but helps you get back at your sport sooner.

Get more info or grab some for yourself at



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