Top Bike Racing Tips – How You Can Join the Peloton

23 June, 2013 Bek

The morning of my first race, I couldn’t eat. I checked and re-checked my gear, and I probably threw up at least once. Much of my pre-race jitters came from not knowing what to expect from the pack, whether or not my legs were solid enough to hang, and wondering […]

Sample the Menu – Try Event Nutrition Before The Race

21 April, 2013 Bek

I was several miles into the bike leg of a recent triathlon when I reached to my back pocket for a wildberry bar (a better tasting fig newton) and realized I had accidentally dropped my Ziploc bag of bars in the transition area. While slightly annoyed at my “too cool […]

Why You Should Eat Pizza Before Your Next Swim

5 April, 2013 Bek

You’ve got an hour or two before your swim workout, and you need to get fueled up properly for all those meters you’ll face. Naturally you grab a nice, healthy salad with plenty of veggies, right? Nope! What you should reach for is that greasy, cheesy pizza that smells so […]

Preventing Cramps in Cycling and Triathlon

3 April, 2013 Bek

The other day, I had just finished swimming a quick 800 meters. As I pushed off the wall to start a few drills, my right calf seized up in an agonizing cramp. My friend helped me to the side of the pool, and I was able to stretch it on […]

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