How to Clean Your Drivetrain – Comprehensive Bike Maintenance

26 February, 2015 Bek

In this second article on drivetrain maintenance, you’ll learn just how to give your bike the deep clean it needs to keep you hammering the hills in style. In case you notice a difference in voice, Lance from the CycleButtCrack blog (yep, seller of “cheeky” jerseys) approached us about appearing as […]

How to Clean Your Drivetrain – Quick Bike Maintenance

25 February, 2015 Bek

Over the next two articles, you’ll find out just how easy it is to perform a quick clean-up of your bike’s drivetrain, and, later, a full-on, deep clean of said drivetrain. In case you notice a difference in voice, Lance from the CycleButtCrack blog (yep, seller of “cheeky” jerseys) approached us […]

What Are Tubeless Road Tires?

13 January, 2015 Bek

Ryan: “I was riding with my buddy, and he said he doesn’t use tubes in his wheels. So what the heck is a tubeless tire, and why doesn’t he need tubes?” Great question, Ryan. Lately, there’s been plenty of debate on the pros and cons of tubeless tires. But I’ll […]

Interbike 2014

13 September, 2014 Bek

Get ready for an explosion of gear reviews and favorite things I saw, tested, and will review from Interbike 2014! Just to get you stoked, you’ll hear about the latest greatest wearable power meters, kits from Santini SMS (super, super cool), waterproof socks and booties from SealSkinz (they had a […]

How to Use Glue Less Patch Kits

10 July, 2014 Bek

So there’s a lot of sentiment out there that might tell you that glue less patch kits are merely for temporary flat repair–good for a few miles, but ready to go flat again at any moment. Well I’m here to try and dispel those nasty feelings. In reality, glue less […]

Stop the Bonk with Coca Cola – The Tastiest Tip Ever

13 July, 2013 Bek

I love Coca Cola. Especially Cherry Coke. It’s a habit I’ve only had marginal success controlling for months at a time, and it oftentimes hampers my goals for getting in racing shape or even having a successful training session. Drink a Coke right before swimming, and you’ll quickly find that […]

Bike Month T-Shirt Giveaway!

2 May, 2013 Bek

It’s the Official T-Shirt Giveaway! Let’s celebrate Bike Month in style. We’ll randomly select three winners by May 15th, so get your entries in now. Simply head over to our Facebook page, like us, and share our page with your friends! Read the Giveaway Rules & Regulations

Getting Grease Out of Your Jerseys

2 April, 2013 Bek

So you dropped a chain on a ride, got grease all over your gloves, and accidentally wiped them on your crisp, white, team jersey. Or maybe you rubbed some grit and grime onto your bib shorts putting your bike back on your car rack. However you got the grease on […]

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