Climbing Tips to Keep You Riding

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If you’re like me, climbing is just something you have to deal with in order to get to that next stretch of flat road. If riding up hills isn’t your strong point, don’t stress. There are plenty of pro sprinters who get dropped from the peloton when the going gets steep. Of course, they probably climb faster than I, but riding bicycles is also their day job. So you’re not alone in feeling like your heart and lungs are screaming at you to stop and choose any other activity for the day.

But there are a few things you can do to make those mountains seem a little less daunting. The bad news is, it involves climbing more hills. The good news is, you can simply call yourself a sprinter, and most people will totally accept it. But seriously, the best way to get better at climbing is by climbing. You’ll find this is the answer to many questions about how to go faster and farther–just do it … often.

In the following video, some great pros explain some of the key ideas for becoming a more powerful climber. One tip they do forget, however, is to avoid the innermost corner in a turn. In other words, if it’s a steep climb, go to the outside of the turn because it will likely be much less steep, and consequently you will use less energy. Check out the video, and do note where they say your power comes from:

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