Coolest Bike Tech of the Week – Helmets, Tool Wraps, CX Pulleys, Hitch Racks, Kits, & ID’s

The Best Cycling Gear Released This Week: July 4th, 2016

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scott cadence plus and centric plus

Smith Route Helmet

smith route helmetStill envying your best friend’s Smith Overtake helmet, but not ready to dent your wallet that much? Get ready to turn your friend’s glee into envy over your new lid because Smith is bringing its innovative Koroyd protection material (we’ve written about Smith’s Overtake before) to a lower price point.

Smith is basically targeting the most often impacted areas of the helmet by reinforcing them with the expensive Koroyd material. In essence, they’re adding more ventilation and moving the highest protection points to where you’ll need it.

Available in 9 colors (yes, 9), and all in MIPS or non-MIPS. With or without MIPS, the new Route road helmet starts at $150, which is a far cry from the $250-300 price tag of the Overtake. Plus, the Route still features channels that will hold your sunglasses in place. We’re stoked to see how this one compares to the fancy Overtakes (of which we’ve always been a fan).

Price: $150-180 | More Info at Smith


MODUAL Tool System and Tool Roll

The Modual Tool System (MTS) and Roll (MTR) combine a 13 function multi-tool with full tool roll that eschews the usual allen key style and replaces it with interchangeable bits and some extra cool features like a magnetic flap. Overflow bits fit in individual slots in the wrap, a zippered pocket secures chain tool, etc, and a loop over the back holds a tube. All that kit snaps onto your seatpost or slides into a jersey pocket. To carry on the magnetic magic, that Modual magnetically holds two tires levers that work together to  form an ergonomic handle and leverage. Check out the video below to see the Modual in action:

With just a few days left on their Kickstarter, the people at Altum are only a little shy of their fundraising goal. If you want to grab your own kit, head over to their official Kickstarter project page.


RockyMounts SplitRail Hitch Rack

rocky mounts split rail hitchHow many bikes do you need to carry? RockyMounts has your back . . . well, the back of your car, actually. Their new hitch rack, the SplitRail, weighs just 44 pounds itself and expands to carry up to 4 bikes by simply adding extra trays to the initial 2-bike setup.

Made of 6063 aluminum and chromoly steel, the SplitRail features adjustable trays to allow optimal fit between loaded bikes and a ratcheting arm to secure bikes without frame contact. According to the folks at RockyMounts, the system is fast and easy to use and works with almost any bike–including those with non-traditional frames. It accommodates bikes with wheel diameters between 20 and 29 inches, and tire widths of up to 3.2 inches.

The SplitRail’s bike trays can be laterally offset by four inches to avoid seat and handlebar interference, and it comes with an integrated cable lock system that allows each bike to be locked individually. A locking hitch pin (included) keeps the rack itself secured to the vehicle. But the kicker? It also features a wall mount for home storage. Now we think that is a sweet addition.
“The SplitRail is efficient to load, and at 44 pounds, it’s easy to install and put away. But the key feature, for the 2-inch receiver version, is the versatility gained by the single bike add-on trays,” remarked Maier. the SplitRail features RockyMounts’ proprietary anti-wobble system for a tight rack-to-receiver fit.
Specs: 2″ and 1.25″ receivers available | Price: $519.95 & $219.95 (add-on trays) | More Info at RockyMounts


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Gevenalle Cyclocross Jockey Pulley Set

burd-rd-0129As everyone clearly knows, CX is code for “seriously tough on components.” Gevenalle certainly knows that, and they’ve answered a real problem with their new jockey pulley set that’s built to withstand the abuse of racing cyclocross.

Designed in collaboration with bearing specialist Kogel, the CX Pulley Set utilizes machined alloy jockey wheels and element proof double seals. The result is a component that, according to Gevenalle, will not only perform better for longer, but also provide ongoing savings by enabling users to service the pulleys and replace the seals as needed.

“Pulleys are a critical point in your drivetrain and if they fail it is generally catastrophic to both your derailleur and your race. We collaborated with Kogel Bearings of Germany as we felt they had the most advanced pulleys on the market. The jockey wheels are alloy not plastic for longer life in the dirt. Bearing seals are tough and very close tolerance and while they have a touch more resistance than a clean road pulley they will run smoother than a dirty road pulley so it is a win win. On top of the seals are two more machined alloy cover plates to further protect the bearings and of course fitting with the Gevenalle philosophy they are both serviceable and covered by our no questions asked re-build program.”


  • Alloy jockey wheels for longer life in the mud and grit
  • Heavy duty bearing seals for better protection against contamination
  • Additional bearing protection provided with machined alloy cover plates
  • Replaceable bearing seals for easy user servicing
  • Compatible with Gevenalle BURD and Shimano derailleurs.

Price: $69 (pulleys) – $99 (full derailleur) | More Info at Gevenalle


Bande de Filles Women’s Kits

bandes de filles cycling kitMix up Attaquer, The Athletic, and Rachel Peck, and what do you get? Bande de Filles (that’s French for Bande of Filles) cycling kits for women. After a full year of rigorous testing, the trio has come up with a full kit from hat to socks to wind vest to matching bottles.

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Although Bande de Filles has many meanings, “girl gang” or “band of women” defines their core value. Dedicated exclusively to women, this fresh collaborative release is no different. The kit features camo and polka dot patterns designed by Rachel Peck, combined with Attaquer’s ultra comfortable chamois and soft bib mesh which offer a lightweight, breathable, and stylish ride. Other highlights, such as the compression lycra, help fight muscle fatigue, while the silicon grippers and ergonomic design ensure a snug fit. The matching socks by The Athletic are designed with silver yarn technology to ensure your feet remain sweat and odor-free.

Spec Highlights: 

  • Pro-fit
  • Waist gripper
  • Durable, breathable, lightweight
  • Reduced muscle fatigue technology
  • 50+ High UV protection
  • Perforated front panels for excellent, comfort, breathability and moisture wicking

Price: $134 (jersey) – $186 (bib shorts) | More Info at Attaquer


Road ID Wrist ID Slim 2 

road id wrist id slim 2We think Road ID is pretty much a necessity for every cyclist’s kit, and now there’s another fit option for more discerning wrists. The Wrist ID Slim 2 couples a new silicone or leather band with fit-adjustable clasp system.
The watch-style clasp is an update on the wider, original, Wrist ID that allows for you to size the band exactly to your own personal preference. Plus, options for black edition plate/badges as well as 8 band colorways (two of those being leather) make this newest offering from Road ID seriously pop. We think it’s cool enough as an every day accessory–on and off the bike.
Price: $24.99 and up | More Info at Road ID


 Scott Centric and Cadence Plus Helmets

scott cadence plus and centric plusAngels glide on air, right? Well apparently so do the newest Scott helmets with Halo technology. The Scott Centric Plus and Cadence Plus are built with two key games in mind: cooling and aerodynamics. In fact, coupling their shape with MIPS and a full, 360-degree fit system, these new lids work with the protection layers to draw heat from the top of your head and expel it out the back of the helmet.

According to Scott, the Centric is actually 2% cooler than not wearing any helmet at all when riding at 40kph. Meanwhile, the Cadence is so aero that, also according to Scott’s wind-tunnel testing, is the fastest aero road helmet out there. In order to achieve ultimate speed, the Cadence Plus has three removable plugs that add to its versatility and aero properties.

You’ll see these new helmets in the Tour de France this month while Orica BikeExchange pedals around Europe in them. Check out the video below for more details on the construction of the helmets:


Price: Cadence Plus $200, Centric Plus $250 (available September 2016) | More Info at Scott


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