Is This The Future Of Hub Design? – Rotor Releases RVOLVER

RVOLVER's New Hub Design Reduces Friction & Roll Resistance To Make Your Faster

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rotor revolver rvolver road bike hub frictionless

You know that hub you’ve got laced to your wheels right now? It’s now officially lame thanks to Rotor’s newest release: RVOLVER™.

Why, you ask? Basically RVOLVER™ works by disengaging the ratchet ring from the hub’s radial and angular pawls when you stop pedaling. In English, that means there’s a lot less friction in the hub because it’s more free to spin without resistance. Which also means you coast faster.

And, if you’re of a high muscle mass like me, you’ll go even faster.

rotor revolver rvolver road bike hub frictionless

When you’re pedaling, however, RVOLVER™ reacts more quickly to your power. As Rotor puts it, “Radial pawls in the freehub body engage a floating ratchet ring with a less than 15° engagement angle to react instantly to pedaling force without losing velocity. “Floating” the ring lowers friction when coasting so you can roll farther on accumulated momentum.

RVOLVER’s ™ Intelligent Flange Design features evenly spaced, notched flanges to reduce overall weight and allow for easier wheel assembly. RVOLVER’s ™ flanges also offer tailored hub shells for a standard or a 2:1 spoke lacing pattern. The hub’s Multi Compatibility Design means that it’s compatible with most frames and forks currently available. RVOLVER™ is CNC machined from 7075 aluminum at ROTOR’s sophisticated CNC facilities outside of Madrid.”

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rotor revolver rvolver road bike hub frictionless

Further, because the ratchet ring is married to the hub shell sans threaded parts, weight is cut. Easier install is achieved by adding sealed bearings and fewer internal parts–in other words, no special tools needed.

Might we label this new design as revolutionary?

Ah. Terrible pun, I know. Sorry. Here’s a video showing the working innards of the RVOLVER™–no puns involved:

You can grab the newest offering from Rotor in October 2017. Until then, get more info on Rotor’s social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

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