Lezyne Expands Cycling GPS Line – Watches, Color, Strava

Lezyne updates its cycling GPS bike computers and watches

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lezyne gps watch

lezyne super gps bike computerUpdate!: Below is our original article from August of 2016, but this past week Lezyne has rolled out a major update to its Year 10 GPS line. In addition to its feature-rich models that are easy on the wallet, now these head units also allow for custom route building too.

If you already own any of the Year 10 GPS cycling computers or watches, you simply have to run a firmware update to add the capability to your unit. This also will fix a few bugs and give you some refined screens in turn-by-turn.

Lezyne continues to drive a hard bargain in the GPS market–great functionality for a low price. Read on for more info on features/prices:

Lezyne GPS Cycling Watches and Computers

lezyne gps watchOur local to SLO company has made some serious steps into the GPS market, and their line of computers promised plenty of features packed into small spaces and small price points. Now Lezyne has taken their new market space and expanded it to include watches and accessories. Plus, new integration with Strava Live, added turn-by-turn, ride tracking, and a whole lot of color means Lezyne is keeping pace with the trends without forgetting about price point.

With its new Year 10 expansion, Lezyne is offering the Super GPSMicro Color GPSMicro GPS, Macro GPSMini GPSMicro Color GPS Watch, Micro GPS Watch, and heart rate strap, and speed and cadence sensor. Dang. What we like about Lezyne’s approach here is price point: the most expensive and most bundled GPS in this group maxes out at $239 (that’s with the HRM and speed/cadence sensor). In fact, $99 in Lezyne’s lineup here gets you turn-by-turn, email/text alerts, Strava live segments, power data, and more. We think that’s pretty decent.

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Lezyne Gets Colorful

lezyne enhanced color micro gpsWith their introduction of GPS watches, Lezyne has embraced color both in displays and on watch bands. Now the Micro Color GPS offers full Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity to power meters, hrm, etc., and gives you all the notifications/nav/Strava features when paired with Lezyne’s Ally app (iOS and Android). Alone, the unit costs $159.99 and fully bundled at $239.99. According to Lezyne, the unit also weighs a mere 29 grams and has a battery life of up to 14 hours.

For your wrist, the Micro Color GPS Watch will run you $169.99 ($209.99 with heart rate) and has all the features outlined in the computers including full Ant+ and BT connectivity and turn-by-turn. But this is meant for multi-sport with modes for riding, running, and hiking (no word yet on swim mode or waterproofness–more info coming), plus a lifestyle mode for basically tracking how awesome you are. A standard USB port charges the unit (very cool), and it runs for a claimed 100 hours when GPS is off, and 14 hours with GPS mode active. The integrated accelerometer works as a pedometer, and also enhances data recording in its GPS modes.

Of course, you can also grab the plain black Micro GPS Watch without color for $30 less than the color version. Either way, this is a serious move by Lezyne to make fully-functioned GPS watches way more affordable and available to a wider section of athletes.

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Get more info at Lezyne’s website.

Photos courtesy Lezyne.

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