Mopusher Brings Back Low-Tech Motivation – Review

Motivate yourself, your friends, and your kids to reach training goals

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mopusher bracelet

The Mopusher offers a new twist on those old charm bracelets you’ve got shoved in the bottom of your sock drawer (that’s where people keep all their jewelry too, right?). Except instead of hiding your bracelet under your Swuftwicks because you’re embarrassed by how much money you spent on charms back in 1999, you can proudly sport your collection of endurance achievements on your wrist.

Mopusher Bracelet Review

mopusher bracelet

Price: Kickstarter campaign starts at $18 with a regular MSRP of $27

Color Options: Women’s Green, Grey, Pink and Skin; Men’s Blue, Black and Green

Rewards: Each mopusher bracelet comes with a little black bag with 14 milestone markers that slip on and off. You’ll get 12 milestones, 1 half-way marker, and 1 finish line marker.

Ship Date: November 2016

Get more info at Mopusher’s Kickstarter campaign

Why I Like It

mopusher braceletHow does it work? You start with an empty band, which is made of soft silicone and secures with two small snaps, and add milestone markers as you meet pre-set goals. Pretty simple concept, but surprisingly fun when you get to using it. Not only will it get you to set up your workout goals in advance (because you’ll want to predetermine when you can slip on each of the next milestones), but it will give you a constant visual that you’re working toward something–mostly when you don’t feel like doing that next set of intervals.

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Low-tech. Yes, it’s not gonna count your steps or measure your sleep patterns, but it does one thing really, really well: it let’s you share an experience. As a parent, I immediately noticed that the Mopusher’s real value is in its ability to help me get my child stoked about exercise and meeting goals.

When the folks at Mopusher sent one over, I wasn’t digging the pink band (although the teal marker combo did look pretty good), but my daughter was all over it. And it occurred to me that developing a love of sport and the ability to meet goals in our kids is pretty important. Mopusher helped me to illustrate that. We set her up with a weekly workout chart with an ultimate goal–a 5k fun run that she and I would do together.

She was ecstatic. I hate running. We both learned discipline. Together, we tracked the markers and made a big deal over adding a new one to her bracelet. Although we haven’t made it to the fun run yet, she’s right on track with her goals. She reminds me that we need to run. She pushes me to get out and exercise with her. She’s giving me a small reason to like running–because we’re bonding. For that, Mopusher in invaluable.

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