One Wheel for All Roads? Reynolds Has That & Aero Too – Interbike 2016

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Around here, when we think aero wheels, we contemplate our lives spent riding along coastal byways. Wind, sand, fog, dolphins spouting off in the waves, the crash of blue . . . ok, actually, yah, it’s pretty beautiful. But where we are, wheels make a difference. That’s why we were stoked to check out the new line of Reynolds wheelsets at this year’s Interbike.

Overhauled Aero 

All new rim profiles, hubs and graphics round out (see what I did there?) Reynolds’ Aero line with wind-tunnel tested optimizations to lower drag. According to Reynolds, these wheels gain 4-5 watts over previous iterations of their Aero wheels at wind speeds approaching 30 kph (that’s about 18 mph). They’ve done this by matching the profiles of wider tires and refining their leading edge and spoke faces to minimize drag-inducing fluid separation from the rim surface.

What does that mean? The fast got faster, but with added stability in windy situations by producing a more even pressure distribution over the entire rim surface–for less of that “someone’s shoving me over” feeling.


Further, Reynolds says that the 19mm tubeless ready tire channels and new rim shapes result in nearly identical lift/drag numbers through a range of tire sizes. You are free to choose the lowest rolling resistant tires and your preferred ride quality while still gaining the wheel’s full aerodynamic benefits.

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All this and Industry 9 hubs mean a major leap in Reynolds’ design technology. Oh, and disc. Aero disc options for serious stopping power. But the brake track is also updated on the non-disc versions with heat resistant High TG resin that one-ups their previous heat management system to make for some serious braking performance without burning up your wheels.

Reynolds New AERO Wheelsets are available in four models: Aero 46 Disc Brake (DB), Aero 65 DB, Aero 65, and Aero 80.

MSRP: $2,499 – 2,599

All are tubeless clinchers, 11-spd compatible, and in cool new blacked out designs. The lineup caters to a variety of riding needs with the 46 working as the best all-around road racing option with decent numbers for climbing and TT. Meanwhile, the Aero 80 gives you the best edge for triathlon and TT.

Weight estimates from Reynolds are between 1525 grams for the Aero 46 and up to 1797 grams for the deep deep Aero 80.

Grab more info on the Reynolds Aero lineup at Reynolds Cycling or buy them at places like Competitive Cyclist or your LBS.

Other Pretty Wheels in the Reynolds Lineup

If you’re not into aero, that’s cool. We were really diggin’ Reynold’s Assault wheels that falls in their All Roads line. These are kind of your do-everything wheelset for those of us who can’t really afford a few extra sets for each type of riding we do. The All Roads are geared toward road, gravel, ‘cross AND aero for just fast riding with tubeless-ready rims that give you versatility in tire selection.

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With a modern tubeless ready rim channel and 25mm width, Reynolds build them for lateral stiffness, low rolling resistance and a comfortable ride. While both light and stiff, the wheels’ 41mm depth with Reynolds’ Enhanced SLG technology that, according to Reynolds’, gives you every aero advantage while riding in the wind.



MSRP: $1,599 and available at Reynolds Cycling, Competitive Cyclist, and your LBS

We were pretty impressed at Interbike, but we’re looking to test these claims out for ourselves. Until then, if you grab a pair for yourself, make sure to let us know what you think! Do they match up to the hype? Drop us an email or comment below.

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