What’s Picky Bars’ Secret New Flavor? We Tried It. Plus Moroccan Your World – Interbike 2016

Picky Bars Launches New Moroccan-Inspired Flavor Guaranteed to Rock Your World

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Picky Bars, home of the famous Ah, Fudge Nuts (which we might eat way too often in a bowl of vanilla ice cream these days), was a busy booth this year with crowds of starving Interbike-goers grasping at the toothpick speared samples of various Picky Bars’ flavors.

The booth was so crowded, in fact, that when I asked to try the new super secret flavor, the pros behind the counter had to look both ways before unwrapping a square of their latest creation. While I was stoked to try it, I also kind of felt like a little kid who had waited to eat all my Halloween candy until after my brother had run out. It was a good feeling.

Instead of resorting to the old “Nah nah nah nah nah,” of my childhood days (because, seriously, I’m an adult now, right?), I’m thinking this will be a huge hit. We’ll let you know when it hits the market, for sure. And you won’t have to hide it from all the people around you–unless, you know, they’re gonna want some and you don’t feel like sharing. Fine by me.

Moroccan Your World

moroccanyourworldBut you don’t have to wait to get Picky Bars’ new Moroccan Your World flavor. Released this summer, this one is a more savory take on energy bars a spice blend of turmeric, cardamom, ginger, and pistachio inspired by the cuisine found in Morocco.

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Similar to the seven existing flavors already in the Picky Bars lineup, the ingredients and recipe for Moroccan Your World were hand-selected by pro endurance athlete Lauren Fleshman. Turmeric was chosen for its anti-inflamatory properties while cardamom was added for its digestion benefits. The bar also contains pistachios and ginger for a little kick of healthy goodness.

Moroccan Your World is allergy friendly, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, GMO free, and made with 81 percent organic ingredients. All Picky Bar flavors are balanced with athletes in mind, but great anytime (because they also go with ice cream) with a 4:1 carbs to protein ratio.

The new flavor is now available online at pickybars.com, through Picky Club, and in select Picky Bars retail locations.

To learn more about Picky Bars, visit pickybars.com.


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