So What Do We Ride With? Here’s Our Favorite Cycling Gear

Ever wonder what we can't ride without? Here are our staff picks for cycling gear

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Cervelo R3

Lately, we’ve been receiving tons of questions asking us what specific cycling gear we ride with. We test wide variety of products, and we also like to recommend to our readers great accessories for your bikes and thing that will make your rides more enjoyable. So, we’re answering your messages by showing you the top things what we choose to pack on our regular rides. And don’t worry, we didn’t get paid to use or endorse any of these products. As always, we recommend heading to your local bike shop to pick up any of these, but we’ve also included links to buy online.

Who Chose This Gear?

Bek, Our Chief Editor

Jet Roll IICervelo R3

SRAM Rival Groupset (although she did fit an Ultegra front derailleur on it–they said it couldn’t be done)

HED Ardennes Wheelset


Shane, Editor

Camelbak backpack on cervelo RS

Cervelo RS

SRAM Rival mixed with FSA Groupset

Mavic Helium Wheelset

Camelback for illustrative purposes only, and not encouraged. 😉


Cheryl, Contributing Writer & Social Media Guru

IMG_0718.JPGTrek Madone 4.5

Shimano Ultegra and 105 mixed Groupset

Fulcrum 5 Wheelset (she’s swapped them since this picture)



Our Picks

Jet Roll II/Supersonic

Jet Roll III reviewed the Jet Roll a few months back, and have since used nothing else to carry my flat kit. It’s slick, cool, and carries everything I need. Plus it comes in a ton of different colors. – Bek





Garmin Edge 500
Still my trusted computer even though Garmin has released a newer version. With tons of screens, power/heart rate/cadence and all the good stuff ready, the Edge 500 is a pretty sweet deal these days. And the black and red one looks equally sweet on my bike. – Bek




Garmin Forerunner 910XT

I’m a triathlete, and the versatility of the Forerunner is a total must for me. Swim, ride, and run with it–it does everything plus cadence, power, and heart rate. Expensive, but worth it. -Shane

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Red Lizard Skins Bar Tape 2.5mm
This stuff is second to none. A tacky feel that keeps your hands from slipping off, and stays cleaner and brighter for much longer than cork tapes. I like the 2.5 mm tape for a little cushion, but still thin grip. -Bek




Fi’zi:k Arione Donna Saddle
Saddles are a highly personal choice. I tested 14 through my LBS’s saddle program before I landed (literally, I suppose) on the Arione Donna. Relatively inexpensive, light weight, and made with the usual Fi’zi:k quality. -Bek



Fi’zi:k Arione Saddle

This was actually the stock saddle on Bek’s bike, but since she didn’t like it, I snapped it up when she switched to the Donna. I’ve scratched it all the heck, but it’s still comfortable and sturdy. Kids, it pays to be friends with a cyclist. -Shane



Terry Liberator X Saddle
I did receive this as a saddle to review, but I’ve since fallen in love with it. It’s cushy, and we really like each other. -Cheryl





Lezyne Macro Drive Rear Light
No matter what, we like to ride with a taillight, and Lezyne’s Macro Drive offers daytime visibility with a crazy amount of lumens. We’ve got the pair to help with nighttime riding as well. Sturdy and bright. -All of Us




Speedplay Zero Pedals

I like these pedals because they minimize user error–I never have to look down to clip in. The Zero has tons of float, and is an all-around good pedal. I’ve used the same pair for almost five years, and they’re still in great shape. Chromoly is cheaper and extremely durable. – Bek




Fix It Sticks

Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition

We reviewed Fix It Sticks last year, and they’ve since become a staple in my flat repair kit. Since then, I’ve found their portability and shop-worthy versatility to be invaluable out on the road. – Shane

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Lezyne Road Drive pump
I’ve dropped this on the road several times, and it still does just what it’s intended to do. Gets your tires to a high pressure and stows easily under a water bottle cage with the included mount. The reversible flex hose also works great on stroller and kid’s bike tires–where some pumps refuse to go. – Cheryl




Kask Vertigo Helmet

Never a glimpse of mushroom head, I splurged on this lid. I especially like the hi-viz of the black and yellow. Seriously comfortable and lives up to its reputation for fit and protection. – Bek





Specialized Chamonix Helmet

OK, actually, I own the Specialized Echelon helmet, which is no longer available. But the Chamonix is basically the new version of the Echelon. All the quality of a Specialized helmet without a bigger price tag. – Shane


GU Salted Caramel
Something of a staff favorite here at SLO Cyclist, Salted Caramel GU is an energy gel that tastes like it’s not an energy gel. If you grab the last one before our office road rides, you’re in dangerous territory. – All of Us







Skratch Labs Lemon Lime
Easy on the stomach and tasty too, SkratchLabs is doing something right in my book. All their flavors are good (at least the ones I’ve tried, which is most of them). I’m stuck on Lemons & Limes right now. -Cheryl




All right, so those are our favorites, what are yours? We’re recommending this gear because we use it regularly, and we love it–and definitely not because we’re being paid to. That’s totes not cool. We linked to where you can buy any/all of these, but that’s also not an urging for you to shell out any cash either–we just figure that imitation is the coolest form of flattery. Happy riding!

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