Swiftwick Spirit Socks Let You Support Charity & Show Your State Pride – Vision 5 Review

Swiftwick launches Spirit designs in their Vision Socks

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swiftwick spirit vision 5 sock california usa review

Pride. It’s the thread that runs through all cyclists’ . . . uh . . . socks?

All right, so my metaphor didn’t work, but Swiftwick socks definitely do. They work on so many levels: comfort, coolness, cushion, patriotism, power. Their newest line of Vision 5 Spirit not only lets you show off your favorite state/country (as long as its one of the 5 carefully selected ones/USA), but it also adds a moderate cushion and lighter compression.

swiftwick spirit vision 5 sock california usa review

These Vision 5 Spirit socks not only rest at about mid-calf (great trending height these days), but they also offer a moderate amount of compression coupled with moderate cushion. While Swiftwick’s Aspire line offers a high compression and low bulk sock, the Vision slots in nicely for fans of a slightly cushier and looser feel.

In saying “looser,” however, I don’t mean these socks are loose. They won’t slip down on you, and they stay exactly where you put them. They still have a compression value for help in avoiding tired feet and to keep blood circulating well.

Swiftwick Vision Spirit Socks

MSRP: $13.99-$19.99

Sizes: Small (1″ only), Medium, Large

Heights: One inch and 5 inch cuffs

Designs: USA, California, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, New York

Upsides: Fantastic socks, and Swiftwick’s guarantee that you’ll love them. I have worn Swiftwicks for a few years now, and they are almost certainly my favorite socks to wear (yes, a sock connoisseur’s opinion). Great height in the 5″ cuff, and the lower compression value is a major plus for me (and my fat calves).

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Downsides: If you’re of the wide foot kind, you might find the added cushion too bulky in shoes without a high volume or wide width. As a wide-width shoe wearer, these felt just fine in my roomy Lakes and Shimano’s, but it’s something to be aware of if you’re already squeezed into your shoes (if you are, though, read our guide to the best wide width shoes with tips on getting a great fit). You might want to go with the thinner Aspire line from Swiftwick.

Where To Buy: Swiftwick.com | Amazon.com | Competitive Cyclist |


swiftwick spirit vision 5 sock california usa review
These days, I’m mucking around on the Cyclocross scene, and I’ve found out two things: cyclocross is better than I am, and the Vision line is great for ‘cross. While these aren’t waterproof or anything, the blister-free performance and extra bit of cushion is fantastic for running up steps, or, I’m facing it, short climbs.

The added protection keeps me from those sore spots that I normally hit from running in hard soles, and a little bit more thickness is great for cooler days. While these socks are certainly not waterproof, they do stay put while running in mud–the socks don’t slip, I mean. As for myself, I can’t vouch for how cool I look sliding face-down on course, but my socks still look awesome.

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They haven’t lost their pride.
swiftwick spirit vision 5 sock california usa review
But the coolest thing here–the wash-up. Swiftwick’s socks don’t bleed or fade or anything. And it’s really, really easy to get stains out of them. So I know that even after caking them up with mud and grit and grass, they’re still going to represent next ride.


For all the reasons I’ve mentioned here, I’m digging these new designs by Swiftwick. But I’m also digging their commitment to giving back. In fact, Swiftwick donates a portion of every Vision sale they make to charitable initiatives. Which, of course, means you are basically doing a good deed by buying these socks for yourself.

At least that’s what you can tell your spouse when they ask you why you spent so much on new socks.

Grab your own pair of Visions or get more info at Swiftwick’s website.

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