Watch What It’s Like to Race a Pro Criterium

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If you’ve raced a criterium before, you’ll probably find this video slightly familiar. If you haven’t, or you’re considering racing a crit, this will give you a great idea of what to expect (although, if you’re starting out as a Cat 5, things shouldn’t quite be this fast–but maybe this crazy). Why am I sharing this with you? Well, it’s a fantastic peek at what a cyclist goes through when making his or her way through a pack.

While it may not be the most exciting commentary, it’s not often you get a pro cyclist walking you through his race from his on-bike point of view. Watch the timing of his shifts, the way he moves up in the pack while saving energy, and the way he handles bumping. All of these things will help to inform your next race–and hopefully they won’t dissuade you from lining up at the start. Courage!

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