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Find Any Angle with these 360-degree in-ride videos

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Christian Vande Velde 360 Video

Apparently, if you’re not cycling in 360 degrees, you’re not cycling.

At least that’s what some random rider yelled as he passed me last week . . . right before he popped into a curb as he gestured to the circular camera on his helmet. It’s mean, but I laughed. He was fine, by the way.

But if you haven’t seen some of the trippy videos coming out lately, you’re in for quite the experience. We’ve got three cycling specific 360-degree clips for you here, and hopefully more to come as video continues to trickle out of the pro peloton.

Manuel Quinziato Paces – BMC Racing Team

First up, watch Manuel Quinziato of Team BMC as he paces a motor cycle. As you’ll notice in the video, it’s good to be a pro–so much team support that you don’t even have to carry your own camera.

Christian Vande Velde Elevates It

Up next, watch the former pro enjoying life outside the peloton. This video is all about new perspectives, and learning a little about what it’s like to be on the road for a heavy cycling season.

Fi’zi:k’s Granfondo 2016 Kicks Off

A bit shorter than the first two, watch this pro-laden fondo kick off in Marostica, Italy. Taken from the bike of AG2R La Mondiale’s Matteo Montaguti, this is apparently the first official 360-degree footage of a Granfondo (we’ll say that one probably benefits from some savvy marketing).

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If you’re wondering how to grab video like this for yourself, a few options in personal cameras exist, including the 360 Fly. As of now, the market is new, and these full 4k options will run you at least $400. But as competitors catch up, they’re bound to be more accessible to the budget-conscious rider.

Viewing Issues? Do these videos just look funky to you? First, make sure your browser or device supports 360 video–as of now, Safari and others don’t display properly. Try Chrome or a fully updated YouTube app if you’re having difficulty viewing. If it’s showing up right, you’ll be able to click and drag your view to see any shot you want within the frame. Pretty cool. Kinda crazy.

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