About Bek 300 Articles
SLO Cyclist's former chief editor and recovering road snob, Bek made sure everything ran smoothly around here. She was also the one who reminded us not to take ourselves too seriously--unless it involves black socks. Black socks are always serious.
About Shane 40 Articles
SLO Cyclist's resident triathlete and cyclocrosser, Shane makes our site look pretty and is our official 'Cross and Triathlon Editor.
About SLO Cyclist 14 Articles
Sometimes we're all about collaboration.
About Alpha Ninja 13 Articles
Former pro racer, current roadie with an edge, Alpha Ninja once rode 100km without a saddle just to deliver a patch kit to a stranded cyclist. Alpha Ninja's identity is our secret--once they take off the cowl and cut out the Batman voice, we'll figure out who they are. Until then they're our resident vigilante in the fight against bike snobbery--kicking skinny tires and taking names.
About Curt Denham 6 Articles
Curt Denham is one of SLO Cyclist's contributing writers, a dad, cyclist, Raiders fan, therapist and all around good guy ;)
About Ellie 6 Articles
Former varsity rower turned cyclist, Ellie is in her second and last year of collegiate racing before going on to explore new roads. She hopes there are nice views and cute dogs there. Currently, she primarily rides in the farmlands of Pennsylvania and along the beaches of California.
About Cheryl 5 Articles
Cheryl is our resident marathon runner, contributing writer, and serious social media guru. She keeps us grounded around here by reminding us that some people like running too. She’s also a pretty decent ninja, so we never ask questions
About Kalen 2 Articles
I started my journey as a runner weighing in at almost 250 lbs. Running turned into doing a triathlon and potentially more. I'm progressing from being slow to half fast. Kalen, the half fast triathlete.
About Christine Bucher 2 Articles
Christine is an all-around awesome contributing writer here at SLO Cyclist.
About Amanda Wilks 1 Article
Amanda Wilks is a professional writer and a veteran MTB rider. Although mountain biking is not for the faint-hearted, she never misses a trail. Before embarking on a new adventure, Amanda likes to prepare herself (and her bike) for the unexpected. She believes bike maintenance is essential and that every biker should learn how to handle a few basic tools for their own safety. Visit Amanda’s Twitter for more of her writings.
About Tobin 1 Article
Avid mountain biker, part of the youth symphony and Co-President in 4-H, our Contributing Writer, Tobin, is all about being a part of the community. He loves cycling and all sorts of outdoor activities, which basically means he's completely awesome.
About Jonah 1 Article
Jonah says, "As long as I have a bike and am outdoors, I’m happy. When I am not riding a bike, I enjoy riding horses. I am a student at Cuesta College and am studying to become a nurse." He's also an extremely awesome Contributing Writer here at SLO Cyclist.
About Awkward Roadie 1 Article
The Awkward Roadie travels through life one fight or flight moment at a time. Follow his awkward adventures, and be sure to offer kind words in the comments.
About Bethany Clarke 0 Articles
Bethany is an all-around awesome contributing writer here at SLO Cyclist.
About Johnny 0 Articles
SLO Cyclist's Chief Editor and roadie, Johnny, helps keep everything running smoothly here. He's also the one who reminds us that the rules of road cycling were made to be broken. Except the sunglasses one. That one makes sense.
About Alan West 0 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About David 0 Articles
David is our resident code guru who really, really likes cars. We don't know how much his car weighs or costs (it's a Porsche), but we do know he keeps our site working. Which lets us ride our bikes more. We tried to race his Porsche once, but hadn't carbo loaded properly.