How Many Bikes Do Pro Cyclists Travel With? Scicon Has the Answer

18 January, 2016 Bek

Adelaide, Australia reminds me of two certainties in life: leg-cramps on planes, and road season’s kick-off. So what more fitting way to celebrate the pros’ return to asphalt than with infographics and animated gifs–Scicon knows what gets me motivated for the Tour Down Under. Yup, possessed red boxes levitating into […]

Week Two of My Sufferfest – Road Training Plan Review

13 August, 2015 Bek

A hamster is out-wheeling me. I’m an hour into another Sufferfest and leaning, heavy, forward into the bars. The soreness in my legs brings memories bubbling up of last Saturday’s ride. I’ll stay in that power zone, no problem. No extra effort here. But out on the road, I felt […]

Joining In On The Sufferfest – A Road Cycling Training Diary

28 July, 2015 Bek

The name is accurate. Turn any of the videos on and The Sufferfest starts telling you how you should soon be feeling pain. Celebrating pain. Embracing pain and kissing it passionately. Voluntarily. A few months out from a small ordeal called having a baby, I sit on my bike spinning […]

Women’s Pro Cycling Races to Watch in 2015

25 March, 2015 Bek

This year, we’ve got plenty of great women’s bike races to watch–with a few new ones added to the calendar to get stoked about. Watch and learn which races we’re excited to watch in 2015, and be sure to let us know what you’ll be tuning in for . . […]

Watch What It’s Like to Race a Pro Criterium

3 September, 2014 Bek

If you’ve raced a criterium before, you’ll probably find this video slightly familiar. If you haven’t, or you’re considering racing a crit, this will give you a great idea of what to expect (although, if you’re starting out as a Cat 5, things shouldn’t quite be this fast–but maybe this […]

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