Cool Gifts for the Cyclist on Your Christmas List – 2016

Holiday shopping guide for the bike rider in the family

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We’ve tried the gear, we’ve even done the shopping around for you. Now, here’s our guide to the coolest gifts for the cyclist on your list (even if that cyclist is you.)
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Note: Since lots of folks like Amazon, we’ve included links to Amazon in some of the options below. However, you should always be mindful of the seller you’re buying from through Amazon–make certain you’re not getting a counterfeit product. If at all possible, try to buy directly from Amazon.

Scratch Labs Endurance Recovery Mix

skratch labs chocolate recovery mix

You know that gritty, tangy aftertaste that just kinda makes you hate recovery drinks? Forget it. Skratch keeps refusing to make fake and gross stuff. This is literally the best recovery mix I have ever had.

Three flavors (vanilla, chocolate, and coffee) all taste great and make you actually look forward to helping your body to repair itself after an intense workout. Give the gift of “this is amazing.” The best flavor, of course, being chocolate, Skratch’s Endurance Recovery Mix mixes with just water and offers sodium, protein, and sugars to help your body replenish those depleted stores. Although I didn’t do any truly scientific testing, in my experience, this mix made me feel fresher and less fatigued than my usual chocolate mix.

Get it from Skratch Labs for $32.50 | Get it at Jenson USA for $25.99 | Get it from Art’s Cyclery for $32.50 | Get it at Amazon for $32.50

Brooks Cambium C13 Saddle

Brooks England has lightened their Cambium with the carbon-railed C13. Vulcanized rubber top is already relatively broken in and the rails have a nice dampening effect on road buzz. The look is pretty sweet, and the feel is somewhat peerless.

Although you should definitely know a little about the cyclist on your list’s saddle preferences before getting them a saddle: if they like a cutout or channel, this might not offer them much comfort despite the already broken in material. Also, this is not really a lightweight saddle, except in comparison to any of Brooks’ other models.

That having been said, this is definitely a classy move on your part. This one goes great with a nice carbon bike (or really any bike for that matter). The key here is the flexibility of a Brooks saddle without all the extra weight or funky look of a Brooks. Tradition and craftsmanship are the strong points here.

Get it at Jenson USA for $198 | Get it at Chain Reaction Cycles for $192 | Get it at Competitive Cyclist for $220 | Get it at Amazon for $160


Meld 3D Custom Saddle

meld custom saddle reviewAll right, if you don’t know what kind of saddle will be comfy for the rider on your list, Meld’s fully custom seats fit you exactly. Like perfectly. Like crazy perfectly awesome. But this one will involve a bit of a surprise spoiler because your favorite cyclist will need to sit on a piece foam before their saddle is ever made.

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For real, the Meld 3D saddle is completely designed by you–you sit on the foam, send it back to the company, they scan all your measurements into their site, and you order your saddle in exactly the shape/fit/graphics that will make you happiest. WE have a full review on this in the works, but it is probably the coolest thing we’ve ever had the chance of testing. Mostly because a completely custom saddle starts at $250 and you don’t have to go anywhere to get it fit to you. Impressed is an understatement.

Get it at the Meld website from $250


Serfas e-Lume Headlight

The gift of Lumens can never be hated. The Serfas e-Lume offers 200 of them, but a 450 version is also available, for all your night and even daytime riding (cuz being seen is being safer). 

The e-Lume is one of my favorite every ride lights with USB recharging capabilities and up 50 hours of continuous battery life in the daylight flash mode at 200 lumens. Easy click button on top of the unit cycles through the modes. Really what makes this light cooler than the rest on the shelf is flip clip mount that twists to adjust to the orientation of your bars or stem.

Get it from Serfas for $30 | Get it at Amazon for $29.95 | Get it from Jenson USA for $30


Weatherneck System


Weatherneck mullet hatRecently done being extra popular on Kickstarter, the Weatherneck system is a magnetic mask with secure yet breathable fit that works seamlessly with an extra awesome mullet hat.

Here’s our recent review on the system that goes into more detail on just how it works. When you get warm, you can just pull off the mask without any hassle. Plus the Mullet Hat is basically the best place for stowing cash (or a literal mullet). Keep that person on your Christmas list pretty toasty in freezing temps (like low 50s).

Get it from the Weatherneck folks for $35


Swiftwick Aspire Striped Socks


I’m pretty much in continual love with my Siftwick socks–they’re serious relationship material because they never let me down. Compression plus a lack of bulk and cool colors make for just about the perfect sock. We’re like soul-mates (ok, that was rough).

I like Swiftwicks because they also come with a guarantee that you’ll love them or you can return  them. All cyclists have a soft spot for socks. Get ‘me Swiftwicks and you’ll make up for that electric toothbrush you got them last year.

Get them from Swiftwick from $16.99 | Get them from Art’s Cyclery from $9.99 | Get them from Competitive Cyclist from $12.99 | Get them from Jenson USA from $11.99

Fix It Sticks

Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition

I’ve been using the Fix It Sticks Replaceable edition for the past couple of years, and it’s basically become my multi-tool of choice. Easy click in and click out bit and detachable t-handle make for a brilliant design.

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Although the set I have has a tendency to make for lost bits, the new editions have things like sweet bit holders and spinning action.

Definitely a cool gift for any cyclist. Plus, new pop on tire levers let you use this as a all-in-one multi-tool on the bike.

Get them from Fix It Sticks for $29.99 and up


Lezyne Strip Drive Pro Tail Light

img_3956There’s nothing I think is more important than staying as safe as possible on the road. Running a daytime tail light is an added layer to keeping you visible.

A full 100 lumens is great for daylight running with several modes and a battery that recharges via USB. Runs for a max of 15 hours, with 5 hours at max lumens.

Easy charging and a long-lasting battery make this light a go to for me, but the cool thing is the aero fit on both the seatpost or seat stay. Although the narrow profile doesn’t seat all the way on round seatposts, it flexes so it does attach properly. Overall, one of the best tail lights on the market.

Get it from Lezyne for $49.99 | Get it from Jenson USA for $49


Lezyne Pressure Overdrive

Lezyne pressure overdrive

If your fave cyclist is into cyclocross, mountain, or runs tubeless tires on their road bike, the Lezyne Pressure Overdrive is a fantastic addition to their kit. Since seating tubeless tires is just a little impossible without an air compressor (I mean, you can do it, but . . . ) the Overdrive uses a chamber to build up a shot of air that you can release with the flip of a lever. Tire seated.

Of course, it works on regular tires too with a chuck that slips easily over Schrader and Presta valves. Although it takes a little trial and error to figure out the chuck at first, once you get the action down it’s probably the simplest and quickest design you’ve ever used. A great pump with all the engineering of Lezyne behind it.

Get it from Jenson USA for $140 | Get it from Lezyne for $139


Scicon Rain Bag

scicon rain bag reviewQuite possibly my most loved and most favorite and most superlative of adjectives bit of kit. The Scicon Rain Bag is a little on the expensive side, but is designed perfectly for the cyclist. Basically a way to stow and carry all your extra gear, this is a compact zippered duffel that has labeled pockets top, bottom, and sides. For more info on the features, check out our review.

This duffel fits everything from gloves, arm warmers, jackets, shorts, jerseys, lights, chamois cream, shoes, etc. Plus, Scicon will put their name on it. Boom! Christmas.

Get it from Scicon for $135


Hey, that’s what I got for ya. Here’s hoping you have a bike-filled and Happy set of Holidays. Merry Christmas!


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