How Many Kits Do Pro Cycling Teams Use? Just Ask Rapha and Team Sky (Hint: It’s A Lot)

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If you’ve never felt jealous of a pro rider, prepare to go green. Rapha’s, the cycling clothing giant, account manager gives us a look at all the gear they send to Team Sky for the 2015 cycling season, and the aerial view of the Sky warehouse is slightly mind-blowing. Take a look around at all the bikes and boxes carefully stored in that room, and then you’ll know just how well taken care of these pro riders are.

So how many kits does it take to sponsor a pro cycling team? Well, we find out here that each rider gets 800 pieces of clothing. Each. Rider. Gets. 800. Pieces. 

But don’t be shocked because that has to last them until at least June when they get the whole thing over again.

Now I’m not too great at math (English major over here, yup), but I asked Siri. She said that with all 40 of Team Sky’s riders getting fitted out, that adds up to 32,000 kits. Good work, Siri. Double that number for the entire year, and it’s 64,000 pieces (hey, I did that one in my head!).

But perhaps the coolest perk of pro ridership? Most of those kits are custom made for each rider and personalized to meet their exact wants and wishes. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do some hill repeats and day dreaming.

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So take a look at the video Sky and Rapha put together to look at those 32,000 articles of clothing all laid out. Then imagine getting a whole box of that stuff for yourself. We can all dream, right?

It’s definitely also worth a click over to Team Sky’s website to see a photo gallery of Rapha’s sponsorship. There you can see all of Peter Kennaugh’s kit on display. So what do you think?



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