MELD 3D CUSTOM SADDLE REVIEW – A Bicycle Seat Built for You

The Meld 3D Custom Bike Saddle is fit exactly to your own specification and aesthetics

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meld 3d custom saddle review

This article first appeared in our series detailing the steps to finding a comfortable saddle. We’ve put it here for easy searching, but you can check it out in all its glory at “The Most Comfortable Saddles on the Market.”


meld 3d custom saddle reviewIf you read through the previous articles in this series, and you’re just thinking, I don’t even know how to begin thinking about how to start picking a saddle that fits me. Good news. Meld 3D is here to save you from all that is uncomfortable.
Meld’s fully custom seats fit you exactly. Like perfectly. Like crazy perfectly awesome. It all starts with a piece of foam, your bike shorts, and you. For reals. Meld 3D employs a process that captures your exact measurements and then uploads it to their website for your modifications and personalization.
The Meld 3D saddle is completely designed by you–you sit on the foam, send it back to the company, they scan all your measurements into their site, and you order your saddle in exactly the shape/fit/graphics that will make you happiest. All this in a matter of a couple of weeks.


meld 3d custom saddle reviewFirst you head to the Meld 3D website to trigger the foam block sit kit. Once that arrives, you simply wear your favorite pair of bibs (or shorts) and sit. Make certain to follow the exact directions to get an accurate impression or your seated self.

Then, you simply pack it back up and ship it off. Once Meld has your impression, they’ll upload all your specific measurements to the website. Here’s where you get to select a few specifics like shape and graphics and rails. A few weeks later, and you’ll be ready to ride.

I’m not gonna lie here, this is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever had the chance of testing. Meld has a commitment to make certain that your saddle fits you with an extended process that makes sure you’re happy with your new saddle. A completely custom saddle starts at $250 and you don’t have to go anywhere to get it fit to you. Pick your jaw off the floor.


meld 3d custom saddle reviewAlthough the finished product is a little on the rough side, you can definitely see that handmade quality to the Meld. Not a study in aesthetics, but rather a lesson in comfort crafting, the Meld saddle definitely still looks cool on my carbon machine. And the fit is, well, perfection.

The carbon shell dampens the ride while the shape of the saddle completely supports my riding style without a hint of discomfort. If you’re still feeling pain after getting a Meld saddle, make certain that it’s truly the saddle causing it, but you can definitely go back to Meld and let them know how/where/what you’re feeling. That’s serious custom.

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In all honesty, I can’t recommend this saddle more. The ride quells all the old complaints from previous saddles, and this baby literally weighs 137 grams. I couldn’t be more stoked. I’m a Meld 3D fan.

Get your own saddle at the Meld website starting at $250

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  1. it’s a great saddle until you hit a bump, then it suffers catastrophic failure and it’s the rider’s fault for “attacking potholes”! With all the digitizing of your butt profile and personal parameters, there was NO stress analysis done, not even a generic analysis. It’s planned obsolescence. And the above “review” is merely a paid marketing ploy.

    • Hello Anthony! I am very sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had with Meld’s saddles. This wasn’t something I experienced while using the saddle, and I put a lot of miles into it. So unfortunately, I can’t speak to any type of catastrophic failure–but I am surprised that the people at Meld didn’t make it good. May I ask what model you purchased? Was it the same as this one? How long did you have it before it failed?

      Also, I do want to say that this review was in no way a paid marketing ploy. We did not and do not receive any payment from Meld. In all our reviews, we try to stay as impartial as possible. We never, ever accept sponsored reviews because we think it’s a total conflict of interest. In fact, we don’t even sell ad space to companies that make gear we review. Our revenue is based solely on 3rd party sources like Google ads, and donations from readers. We honestly have your interests at heart, and we have no reason to lie about a product’s shortcomings.

      At any rate, I would be more than happy to try and help you out here. If you’ll send me an email, and let me know all the details, I can get in touch with Meld for you. I’d certainly like to update the review with any new info I can uncover, and hopefully get you some better answers about your saddle.

      Thanks for the comment, and here’s hoping I can help you out!

      • Bek,
        I purchased the road saddle design for use on a 2016 Trek Emonda SL5. I put 1,747 miles on it in 7 months. On returning from a recent training ride, I discovered the saddle had collapsed in midspan. After contacting Meld 3D, they offered me an acceptable replacement for 80% off, but no guarantees that I “…wouldn’t go crashing into more potholes….”. Nor was there, according to Meld, any way to perform stress analysis of the design, because there are so many different riders with different riding techniques, etc., etc. This isn’t true. A basic analysis will show inherent weaknesses IF a designer/engineer were to TRY and look for them. So, my stance with this saddle remains – don’t buy it if you expect a reliable saddle. Buy proven, reliable saddles from Selle Italia or San Marco. Even the original Butt-raper, aka Butt-Ranger, aka Bontrager, saddle from China is more reliable.
        Don’t bother contacting Meld on my behalf. I’m happier with my ancient San Marco ERA.

        Best regards,

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