Mob Armor Offers Versatile & Secure Handlebar Mount for Almost Any Phone – Tested Review

Secure just about any phone to your handlebars for a stable heads-up display on even the bumpiest terrain

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Mob Mount on Mountain Bike

Our newest voice here at SLO Cyclist, Bri, gives the Mob Armor Mob Mount a thorough test off-road (including an official crash test–and when I say “official,” I mean, she accidentally crashed with it). Without further hem-haw-ing around, here’s Bri’s review on the Mob Mount:

Most phone mounts on the market are not very versatile, requiring a specific phone case for every device. Mob Armor’s Mob Mount changes the game, being the first mount that allows cyclists to attach their phone to their handlebars (or stem) with their existing case. With two sizes available, the mount will hold a variety of phone sizes, from a smaller sized phone like the iPhone 3, to a larger phone like the Samsung Xperia.

Installation: B

Mob MountThe Mob Mount uses a quick release to easily and swiftly attach onto either handlebars or stems. On my mountain bike I had absolutely no issues installing the mount to the bike. My road bike was a little different, as the newer style cables go under the bar tape and I had to be careful not to pinch the cables. After adjusting the cables to go under the bars a little further, I was able to attach the mount to my handlebars. I also attempted to mount it to aero road bars (handlebars that have a flat top), yet it didn’t quite fit. With this type of handlebar set up, it is best to install the Mob Mount on the stem.

While I had no problem attaching the Mob Mount to the bike, I initially had problems installing the phone to the mount. If you do not push the top slide down with enough pressure, the phone will stay in place, but it will wiggle from side to side. If it wiggles from side to side in the mount at all, chances are you did not push the top slide down enough. One of the first mountain bike rides where I used the mount, my phone slipped out during a rocky section of the trail. This was due to improper installation, as I did notice that the phone moved slightly side to side in the mount beforehand. After speaking with the engineer, he showed me how to properly close the mount, and my phone was fine on even rougher trails after I adapted this installation technique.

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Security: B+

Mob Mount ReviewAfter extensive use, and even a few crashes, the Mob Mount kept my iPhone 5C safely on the bars. The few times I took a spill on my mountain bike, I picked up my bike happy to see my phone was still on the mount (and the mount was still on the handlebars – IMPRESSIVE!). I’m not giving this an A+ on the grading scale in part due to the chance that if it is not installed properly, it may slip out. Also, the mount itself does not cover the phone completely; it is up to the consumer to already have a safe case. However, the mount is very versatile, and allows for you to pick out your favorite “safe” case. If paired with a protective case, like a Life Proof Case or an Otterbox Case, this mount offers more than enough security.

Value: A+

Mob Mount ReviewMost cycling computers with GPS cost upwards of $100, and other phone mounts force cyclist to use a specific case, allowing less versatility with what phones will work. The Mob Mount is $64.99 and paired with your smart phone, the possibilities go beyond the features of a normal cycling computer. The Mob Mount makes it so cyclist can use apps that provide all the normal functions of a cycling computer, and also other apps like maps, which can help navigate anywhere. An added bonus for mountain bikers is the ability to listen to music without headphones or a trail bell, as the music playing off your phone while you’re riding can act as a warning to hikers and other riders that you’re headed their way.

The Bottom Line

With so much versatility and a great price point, this mount offers the ability to use your existing cycling computer (AKA Smart Phone) easily and safely. If you want to attach your smart phone to your handlebars, the Mob Mount is not only a great value, but also the best option for users who want to use their own case.

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PROS Versatile & safe installation of smart phone to handlebars.
CONS Must pay close attention when installing for added safety.
BOTTOM LINE Best bang for your buck if you already have a smart phone and you need a cycling computer.
Installation B
Security  B+
Value A+
Final Grade A-

Ready to grab your own? Head over to Mob Armor–of course, after you look at our handy dandy size chart below:

What Size Do You Need?
Mob Mount Small Mob Mount Large
  • iPhone 3G, 4, 4s, 5, and 5s with slim case, Lifeproof, Otterbox, or no case.
  • iPhone 6 with no case. If using a case, the Mob Mount Large is the correct mount.-
  • Samsung S3 with or without case.
  • Samsung S4 with no case.
  • LG G2-LG Nexus 5
  • HTC One M7
  • HTC One X
  • **Other small smart phones will fit in the mount. Contact Mob Armor if your phone is not listed above.
  • – iPhone 6 with slim case, Lifeproof, Otterbox, and more. If no case, the Mob Mount Small is the correct mount.
  • iPhone 6+ with slim caes, Lifeproof, Otterbox, no case, and more.
  • Samsung S4 with slim case, Lifeproof, Otterbox, and more.
  • Samsung S5 and S5 Active with slim case, Lifeproof, Otterbox, and no case.
  • Samsung Note 3 and Note 4 with slim case, Lifeproof, Otterbox, and no case
  • Sony Xperia
  • HTC ONE M8
  • **More larger style phones will fit. Contact Mob Armor if your phone is not listed above.

Mob Mount ReviewBri Mommer is a Specialized Ambassador and genuinely awesome road cyclist and mountain biker. When she’s not on the bike tearing up the road, she’s busy finishing her English degree and moving on to a job in the cycling industry.

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  1. I have tried this product and threw it in the trash after a few weeks. Aside from the fact that identical products can be bought on ebay for less than $5, the concept is ill conceived. The phone cannot be seen in daylight. Worse than that, it would seem that it takes a mental midget to desire to stare at their phone when they are engaging with nature and exercising. Keep your phone and your money in your pocket and don’t be deceived into thinking that these ridiculous gadgets are necessary to enjoy the outdoors.

    • Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the mount, Brad! We found it quite sturdy and of much higher quality than other mounts out there. We also didn’t have trouble seeing the phone in daylight–mostly because the mount doesn’t cover the screen much at all. We think it’s a good solution for people who want to use their phone as a bike computer, but to each his own for sure! I can totally agree with you that sometimes our technology can get in the way of just enjoying the beauty of our surroundings, though. Especially these sunny days lately!

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