Oh What Fun It Is to Ride and Play Jingle Bells with Geraint Thomas & Team Sky

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One more week. One more week. One more week till Christmas! What better way to get you more anxious about that new bike gear waiting for you under the tree than to watch a professional cyclist ride around and ring bells to the tune of an old familiar Christmas carol.

Heck, this is the perfect time of year to share this video. Because you might need something fun and happy to think about while you’re trying to choke down microwaved potatoes and ham that your in-laws “cooked.” Or maybe you’re chugging Cherry Coke and hoping to kill the taste of Aunt Betty’s yams. Or maybe your family fried a fantastic turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes, and there’s a brand new carbon fiber beauty hiding under the tree. Either way, let’s all think about riding bikes and singing.

Watch Geraint Thomas spread some holiday cheer! And seriously, what fun it is to ride. Merry Christmas!

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