Saddle Doesn’t Match? Fi’zi:k Now Lets You Choose Your Own Colors

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I know how it feels. I tested saddle after saddle through my LBS before I landed on the Fi’zi:k Arione Donna. I loved it! So comfy. So light. So . . . flowery.

Not one of the other saddles in the shop fit me so well, so I shrugged and consoled myself with the fact that at least they were subdued flowers. Hardly noticeable glossy overlays on the black background of my new saddle (and I keep telling myself that). But hallelujah, Fi’zi:k has arrived bearing all new color schemes from yellow to black to white to pink to . . . ANY COMBO YOU WANT.

Now I’m pretty sure this isn’t exactly a new service from Fi’zi:k–perhaps it’s a reiteration that they’re packaging as a new offering. But either way, it’s great to know it (still) exists.

So how do you get yours? First, make sure you know which saddle you want and that it’s a good match for you. With several saddles in their lineup to choose from–including mountain, triathlon, and women’s specific–you’re likely to find one that fits you pretty well. But I definitely recommend checking with your LBS to see if you can test out a specific model before you buy it. There’s nothing quite so lousy as getting the color scheme perfect, paying for your saddle, waiting three weeks for it to arrive, installing it with care, hitting your favorite ride, and finding, dang, it’s super uncomfortable. Long process short, make sure you’ll like it before you buy it–cuz it will likely be non-returnable. Fi’zi:k lets you choose from their most popular models (sans the Kurve), just pick your favorite and head to the color selector.

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You can match your color scheme on each surface of the saddle, the number of which varies based on the type of saddle you select. Some even let you choose different colors for the left and right sides of the upper. Of course, the price also varies based on which saddle you select as well. But for not much more than you’d buy the saddle for in stores, you can get it custom matched to your bike’s scheme. Pretty sweet deal, eh?

Ready to add a little personality to your bike? Customize your own Fi’zi:k saddle.


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