Open Water Swim? Sharks? No Problem. SharkBandz Repellant Review

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Originally, we featured this shark repelling magic in our guide to things you’ll definitely want before your next triathlon. Check it out for more cool stuff to help you get through all three phases of your next tri. But first, read ahead for our full review.

SharkBandz Shark Repellant Review

sharkbandzPrice: $65

Colors: Azure, Seafoam, Slate

Available directly from Sharkbanz via

Worried about what might be brushing past your feet in that blurry water of your next open water swim? Oh boy, we love SharkBanz. A simple band you wear on your hand or ankle, the magnetic construction basically yells at sharks to back off. OK, not really. I have no clue how it works, but I feel like it works, and the videos put out by the folks at Sharkbanz have done plenty of testing:

So while I have tested this product while swimming, I can’t tell you whether or not it actually works because the water around here is definitely not as clear as the water in the Bahamas. However, I have yet to be bitten while wearing the Sharkbanz. Let’s hope that streak continues.

Either way, the peace of mind this thing offers can definitely give you an edge during your next Open Water Swim. Not worrying about what could be waiting to strike at you is a major boost–letting you focus on your form in the water rather than what’s eyeing your form from below. Although this band apparently doesn’t work on Great Whites (bummer, right?), it does work on other sharks, which are actually much more likely to attack you. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Actually, don’t look it up. Yikes.

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While the device is a little bulky on my small wrist, it’s quite minimal at the ankle. Definitely not as heavy as I thought it would be (think wrist watch weight). The band itself is rather long, so it will fit on all sizes. As such you might want to cut off the excess to keep it from adding extra drag.

Overall, let me just say that I love the Sharkbanz. I considered buying four . . . for each one of my limbs.

Grab more info at the Sharkbanz website or buy your own at Amazon

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