Cycling &Triathlon Fashion Show 2013

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Dance, Dance Spandex-Revolution–The Spandex Fashion Show

What better way to get cycling and triathlon enthusiasts to buy new Lycra than a fashion show at the 2013 Bike and Triathlon Show in Manchester, England. This isn’t your sister’s fashion show–it’s also some sort of dance innovation. Let these artists dazzle you in their shiny tri suits, bibs, and wetsuits. Watch as they cavort to put forth the best image possible for cyclists and triathletes, raising our sport to the level of high design and elegance.

I especially like the poses struck after each dance session, and the early 90s snow boot accessories. It’s just like your mom’s exercise videos, complete with big hair that will definitely make you more aero. Notice the movements that mimic all the ways we swim, bike, and run. Especially the swim part. And the part after the finish line when you kinda pose, kinda breathe heavy trying to look cool for your family’s snapshots.

Dynamic Fusion

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