Toss the Heart Rate Strap! LifeBEAM Puts The HRM In Your Helmet

LifeBEAM's new DIY kit lets you put a heart rate monitor in and Lazer helmet

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You’re suited up. You’ve got an undershirt, bib shorts, jersey, maybe a vest on. You’re tightening down your shoes and ready to head out on a ride when it catches your eye.

The heart rate strap you totally forgot to put on before you kitted up.

LifeBEAM knows this scenario. And they can help. Instead of gathering heart rate data at the chest, LifeBEAM’s sensors can track at your forehead and inside your helmet. Which means you’ll never ditch your HRM again as long as you’re wearing a safety lid.

And now, building on its work with Lazer’s Genesis, LifeBEAM has recently announced a new DIY Heart Rate Tracking Kit that integrates fully with the Lazer helmet line: the Z1, Wasp, Wasp Air, Blade, Magma, and the women’s Cosmo, Jade and Elle.

How will this work, you ask? The DIY kit essentially lets you interchange a connectivity box with any existing Lazer helmet, but it will also allow you to port it over into one of LifeBEAM’s smart hats or visors–and I’m sure triathletes will be stoked on this one.

The system is fully Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible, and runs for approximately 15 hours on a charge (recharge via USB, so no batteries to worry about here).

Although the new helmets won’t be out for another month, you can pick up the current iterations of the LifeBEAM at their online shop. There, you can pick up the Lazer Genesis for $229, and the smart sensor hats or visors for $99 each. But also be sure to ask for LifeBEAM and compatible Lazer helmets at your LBS.

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All right, I know, I might sound a little too excited over this one–the LifeBEAM DIY kit sounds pretty sweet. Maybe it’s because I hate chest straps. Either way, we plan to get one in to test in the near future, and report to you on just how well the system lives up to the hype.


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