Giro Introduces Affordable Savant & Sonnet Helmets with MIPS

28 August, 2014 Bek

Just a day after I spotlighted a few of the safest and coolest road bike helmets, Giro got in touch with me about new additions to their road helmet lines: the Giro Savant and Sonnet with MIPS technology. And if you read my last post on Safe Helmets, you’ll notice […]

The Safest Road Bike Helmets: Road-Worthy, Aero, and Otherwise

25 August, 2014 Bek

Update: Previously, we had included a few Cannondale helmets on this list, but, since learning about recent tests that found a problem with breaking chin straps, we’ve removed them from our list. Instead, we’re interested in the stuff that Kali Protectives is doing these days. And on to the original […]

5 Reasons to Support Your Local Bike Shop

18 August, 2014 Bek

1. Your coolness factor doubles when you’re friends with a bike shop employee. It’s science. 2. Making friends at your LBS also leads to excellent advice and, you guessed it, discounts. And aren’t all we roadies prone to loving a good discount? 3. They’re honest with you about repairs–especially when […]

The Best Bike Shops in San Luis Obispo County

12 August, 2014 Bek

Need a brand new helmet? Don’t need a brand new helmet, but want to feel more awesome? Go get a brand new helmet! Or bar tape, or kit, or saddle, or . . . OK you get the idea. I started this blog to chronicle cycling and triathlon-ing around San […]

How to Clean White or Light Handlebar Tape with Toothpaste

11 August, 2014 Bek

So you’ve found the sparkly, white handlebar tape that mesmerized you while you were winding it onto your bars has grown dingy and lackluster. Bike snobs everywhere might tell you, “Throw it in the trash can and buy a real color!” Don’t listen to them! If you love white handlebar tape as […]

How to Remove Rust from a Bike Frame

5 August, 2014 Bek

The terribly shot picture to the left documents the beginning of my first real bike build. Between the yellow Italvega frame and whatever it is that’s behind it, sits my powder blue, 80s Schwinn World Sport as it was when I found it about a year ago. Since sort of […]

Brooks Cambium C15 Saddle – The 100 Saddle Giveaway!

4 August, 2014 Bek

The Brooks Cambium C15, despite having been announced a couple of months ago, is still generating plenty of buzz among Brooks and non-Brooks enthusiasts. Although Brooks has released previous versions of road racing saddles, such as the C17 and C17s, the C15 is a narrower version (try a more comfy […]

Show Your Support for Women’s Cycling: Buy into Project X

2 August, 2014 Bek

When I was riding for my collegiate cycling team, we were invited to a road riding camp limited to Wheelwomen. Three pro cyclists, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, Amber Neben, and Jessica Phillips Van Garderen, gave up their time to help us newbies learn the ropes. They led rides, offered clinics on nutrition and […]