Giro Introduces Affordable Savant & Sonnet Helmets with MIPS

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Giro Sonnet with MIPS technology
The Giro Sonnet MIPS–specially designed for women–and it’s not pink!

Just a day after I spotlighted a few of the safest and coolest road bike helmets, Giro got in touch with me about new additions to their road helmet lines: the Giro Savant and Sonnet with MIPS technology. And if you read my last post on Safe Helmets, you’ll notice that the lids with new-fangled MIPS tech retail around the $300 mark.

But now Giro has changed that. How much will you pay for this concussion-reducing technology? Giro says just $110. Yup.

While these two helmets aren’t going to win any contests for aero properties or weight reduction (but for the price, they’re really not bad at all), they will serve as great training helmets that won’t break the budget, but will keep you more confident in their ability to protect your brain. Plus, the styling of both helmets will certainly keep you from getting laughed at on your next group ride. Kinda the best of both worlds here, right?

If you’re not sure what the MIPS technology is, and why it’s so important these days, I spent a little time explaining it in my last post–and it includes a video. So be sure to hop over to that post if you want to learn more.

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The Savant and Sonnet both include 25 big vents with some interior channeling to help keep air flowing through it and your head cooler. They also feature the Roc Loc 5 system, a trickle-down tech from Giro’s much more expensive helmets that lets you not only adjust tightness with a twist of a nob, but it also gives you fore and aft adjustability. This can often help dissipate the effect of mushroom head while giving you full control over the proper positioning on your head.

The fore and aft adjustments are also cool because they allow for plenty of room for your sunglasses to fit and for those of us who also like to rock the pony-tail.

As for heft, the Savant and Sonnet both weigh in at a surprising 255 grams (approximately). Not bad at all for the price.

Giro Savant in black and red with MIPS Technology
Giro Savant MIPS comes in a few colors, and no pink here either.
With the Savant aimed at men, and the Sonnet for women,  there’s a good chance you can find one that fits both your head and budget. But a fair warning before you buy online–Giro helmets have traditionally fit a more oval-shaped head, which is why I haven’t been able to wear them without sporting deep, red indents on my forehead for a few hours after a ride. Make sure you try on a Giro to ensure you’re getting a comfortable fit before you buy.

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