Is Wood the New Carbon? Renovo Makes High-End Wooden Race Bikes

6 February, 2015 Bek

Many of you have seen wooden bikes these days. Awesome organizations building bamboo rides for low income economies have made a serious splash in goodwill circles. But these bikes have generally been aimed at the commuter who needs something durable yet inexpensive. So what if there was a wooden ride that […]

Get More Aero Without Water – Leg Lube Shave Gel Review

7 October, 2014 Bek

As a woman, I have the advantage of steering clear of the leg-shaving debate. We gals shave because it’s a social norm, and maybe it makes us more aero too. After going with the old soap and water routine for years, I didn’t quite know what I was missing until […]

Testing RaceDots: Why You Should Never Use Safety Pins Again

20 September, 2014 Bek

I’ll tell you a secret. Safety pins have always freaked me out a little. Who’s to say they won’t pop open and start sticking you whenever and wherever they feel like it? I mean, when you pin a race bib to your jersey, you’re basically voluntarily pushing fish hooks right […]

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