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leg lubeAs a woman, I have the advantage of steering clear of the leg-shaving debate. We gals shave because it’s a social norm, and maybe it makes us more aero too. After going with the old soap and water routine for years, I didn’t quite know what I was missing until I tried Leg Lube.

I ran into the folks at Leg Lube at Interbike a few weeks back, and happily packed away a complimentary bottle of the wonder gel to try later on. After a few dry runs (oh, that was a bad pun) I put Leg Lube through its paces with and without water, and now I’m wondering why I ever bothered shaving the old fashioned way.

What’s So Different?

Leg Lube works in and out of the shower, which is a great thing for people trying to conserve water here in drought-laden California. If you consider the gallons and gallons that run down the drain while you’re trying to keep up your aerodynamic smoothness, you might find Leg Lube a guilt-free solution to your drought woes. This shave gel goes on clear and builds a lather with only minimal water. Plus, you’ll be done shaving your legs in a few minutes flat. Seriously, it’s just about the quickest and easiest method I’ve ever tried. A wipe with a towel or a rinse with water, and you’re done. Plus, it isn’t oily, and it doesn’t leave a residue. Your legs will simply feel smooth, refreshed, and ready to lay down some honest watts.

The Review

So let’s get to the hairy details (sorry) of Leg Lube. The first thing you’ll notice is the pleasant smell that comes, I assume, from the product’s inclusion of essential oils like peppermint and the like–it’ll put your Irish Spring to shame before you even apply it. It’s also paraben-free, which lets you breathe a little easier as you apply it to your skin.

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While Leg Lube works just fine in the shower, I actually prefer using it without water. You don’t have to worry accidentally rinsing off a fresh lather, and, since it wipes off cleanly, there’s no real reason to douse it a great deal.

Some Application Tips

If you’re using it without water, a couple of beads up and down your leg work pretty well, though I’ve found after a few applications that you want to use a little more than you think you’ll need. If you use too little, you might end up with slight razor burn, which I did the first time I tried it out. But if you’re careful to use enough, this will leave your skin feeling very smooth and smelling quite nice.

As I said, put an extra bead or two on your leg, and be sure to really lather it will. It will change from clear to slightly foamy, so just be certain to build enough lather as you keep shaving. If you feel the razor pulling at any time, make sure to work the lather back up. This comes from a bit of trial and error around the calf area where the Leg Lube seemed to soak in a bit–all cyclists should fear an uneven shave over our muscular calves, right? A little extra water on your hand and, boom, you’re back in business.

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Waterless is the Way

I’m singing the praises of the waterless option of this product because it makes shaving so darn simple. Literally a splash of water on your hand will lather up an entire leg, or, at most, three splashes. Shave the area and wipe it down with a towel. Done. No mess, no hair, no more wind drag.

If you’re a guy with a beard, you’ll also find Leg Lube appealing because the clear application and light lather will give you a clean shave without hiding your “beard-lines.” You can easily clean up your chin or cheeks. But, of course, how aero is that beard really? Again, I’m out of that debate . . . thankfully.

A Few Specs

A 3.5 ounce bottle will run you about $8.95, which may not sound like much bang for your buck, but it’s somewhat deceiving. Only a few beads of gel up and down each leg will give you plenty of lather to get the job done–I’ve used the product for a couple of weeks now, and I barely notice a difference in the bottle’s weight. Expect those 3.4 ounces to last for a while, depending on how often and how many areas you shave.

If you’re ready to give Leg Lube a try, head over to their website to buy a bottle or three direct. You can also grab it at your local bike shop, or via

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