SLO Cyclist Goes Cyclocross – New Section Launch

28 August, 2015 Shane

Sea Otter, 2015. April and unseasonably warm. The cyclocross track cut straight through the pavilion with manufacturer’s tents and flags skirting the boundaries. I stood at the base of a ramp preceded by an s-curve that most riders completed by skidding to the dirt. There was so much blood. So […]

Joining In On The Sufferfest – A Road Cycling Training Diary

28 July, 2015 Bek

The name is accurate. Turn any of the videos on and The Sufferfest starts telling you how you should soon be feeling pain. Celebrating pain. Embracing pain and kissing it passionately. Voluntarily. A few months out from a small ordeal called having a baby, I sit on my bike spinning […]

Riding into 2015 with SLO Cyclist; Or, Hmmm, What Next?

7 January, 2015 Bek

Vacation has ended. The holidays are over. It’s kinda cold outside–OK, well it was for a few days last week–and now it’s time to get back to work. So, since I’m waxing poetic these days with the quiet elation of being cleared to get back on the bike after a […]