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Heck, there’s a lot to know about this sport! Tire widths, standard versus compact, seat post setbacks, and the all-important question that everyone asks at some point: what do I wear under my bib shorts?

In the interest of combatting the snobbery in our sport and creating a safe space to ask questions, we’re announcing Ask Alpha Ninja. Because as we all learned in Kindergarten, there really are no stupid questions.


Just click the email address below, and submit your questions. You might just get featured in our Ask Alpha Ninja section. Sweet.

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Former pro racer, current roadie with an edge, Alpha Ninja once rode 100km without a saddle just to deliver a patch kit to a stranded cyclist. Alpha Ninja's identity is our secret--once they take off the cowl and cut out the Batman voice, we'll figure out who they are. Until then they're our resident vigilante in the fight against bike snobbery--kicking skinny tires and taking names.

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