The Best Torque Wrench Ever? Silca Ti-Torque and T-Ratchet Kit Review

Live torque feedback, high quality bits, and portability make Silca's torque wrench one of the best ever made

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silca t-handle ratchet torque wrench

Most torque wrenches are missing something: flair.

Let’s face it, it’s kinda tough to get too jazzed about reading the amount of force you’re putting into a bolt here or a bolt there. At least, this is what I thought before I used Silca’s T-Rachet with Ti-Torque extender.

Even the name whispers of something that 007 might carry in his jersey pocket. And what Silca stirs up with its nomenclature, it backs up with solid, practical, usable tools.

Built with a combination of Titanium and lightweight materials, Silca has fine-tuned this wrench with as much precision as the fine neutenmeter scale it measures. The Ti-Torque tool allows you to apply up to 8 nm using a wide range of bits and several handle configurations. All this and a ratchet too.


silca t-handle ratchet torque wrench


-1x T-Ratchet with 72 Tooth Ratchet Mechanism
-1x Ti-Torque Titanium Torque Measuring Extender
-10x Hardened Steel Bits (2,2.5,3,4,5,6,T10,T20,T25,PH2)

Weight: 100 grams exactly with torque extender plus t-ratchet and one bit installed. All together 230 grams with the case. Weighed on our own scale.

MSRP: $98.00


silca t-handle ratchet torque wrench

Although it might seem a bit like hype, there are very minimal downsides to this tool. The click in and click out action makes for simplicity in all uses. At $98, it might seem a little on the expensive side with somewhat comparable tools running around $50 and up. However, Silca sets this one apart by adding live torque feedback (you don’t have to pre-set the tool), a number of configurations, ratcheting ability, several bits, and a jersey pocket-sized carry pouch. In my opinion, the sheer versatility of the tool matches the price tag. Completely worth the money.

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There is a small learning curve when it comes to fitting the tool together. Since you’re able to set it up in a variety of configurations for more leverage or to fit tighter spaces, you might find yourself a little confused by how to fit it together.

The torque tool is made mostly of titanium, so it only clicks securely into the ratchet port (as shown below). This piece fits in with clip springs, not magnets like the other bits and adapters. In other words, at first you might think you’re doing something wrong when you try to force it into the ratchet, but don’t second guess yourself. Push it until it clicks in–just make sure you’ve got it all lined up correctly.

silca torque wrench

Finally, if you’re one of many whose eyesight isn’t quite what it used to be, you might find the torque readings a little difficult to see. The lines are somewhat close together and small. Yet, precision here is important, so make sure you use the tool in a well-lit area with your glasses on, if necessary.


Throughout this article, I’ve included pictures with the different configurations that this tool morphs into. Super handy, if you ask me. No more trying to work around tight spaces or doing half-spins with multi-tools. Install bottle cages easily, adjust your handlebars on the fly, make sure your saddle is tightened with exact precision. And there’s no need to keep resetting the torque.

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As easy as if Q were handing you the new standard issue.

silca t-handle ratchet torque wrench

silca t-handle ratchet torque wrench


In a word: probably. All right, it doesn’t measure above 8nm, and you have to be precise in the amount of pressure you apply. But it’s the most portable and versatile kit I’ve ever seen. And overall, most repairs you’ll do on your bike will be within that 8nm mark. Sweet.

The real upside with this tool is not only its versatility (oh, and its simplicity), it’s also in its portability and efficiency. Quickly swap bits, ratchet your way to the perfect torque, fold it up and stuff it in a pocket. The tool works, and it works well. Silca lives up to its reputation for quality and performance with this wrench. Definitely a staple of my bike kit from now on.

For more information, or to pick up one for yourself, visit Silca’s website.

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