Brooks Releases Colors in the Cambium C17 All Weather Saddle Range

Brooks responds to the popularity of the all weather Cambium C17 with red, blue, and brown color options.

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We’ve been fans of Brooks’ Cambium range since it first launched a few years back, and we even selected the Cambium C13 one of the most comfortable saddles on the market. With their Cambium range growing, Brooks’ new All Weather (AW) versions of their popular C15 and C17 models are built to outlast the rainiest rain and the hottest heat.

Now, the AW range has expanded to include a little flair: Red, Blue, and Brown flair.

brooks cambium c17 aw blue


With high praise for their All Weather range, Brooks England quickly responded to riders’ requests for colors, and thus have released the new spectrum.

While we haven’t tested these claims ourselves, the Cambium C13 we put through the rigors of testing still looks as brand new as the day it arrived–and it’s not in the AW range. So, we’re inclined to believe Brooks that these will stand up to some serious weather. Plus the already-broken-in, flexible, vulcanized rubber top means this saddle should be comfy from day 1.


LENGTH: 283mm

WIDTH: 162mm

FRAME: Fibreglass Reinforced Nylon

PRICE: $140

Available now, the Cambium C17 AW Red is the first of the three new color options released. The functional nameplate also includes loops for a saddlebag or various accessories you like to carry under your saddle.

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Also a plus, these saddles are designed to match the Cambium rubber bar tape colors.

So far, these will only be available in a non-carved version. But we hope to see this cutout variation added to the lineup–definitely good for those of us who need the pressure relief.

brooks cambium c17 aw red



Cambium C17 AW RED: Available in March

Cambium C17 AW BLUE: Available in April

Cambium C17 AW BROWN: Available in May

Pick them up at Brooks England’s website now, or soon at your LBS.


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