Skratch Labs Recovery Drink Is Literally The Best Tasting Post-Workout Drink Ever

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Skratch Labs Recovery Mix for Cyclists, Triathletes, and Runners

You know that gritty, tangy aftertaste that just kinda makes you hate recovery drinks? Forget it. Skratch keeps refusing to make fake and gross stuff. This is literally the best recovery mix I have ever had. Boom.


skratch labs chocolate recovery mix

Normally, I hesitate to taste things like recovery drink. I’m used to the bite of other products that force me to gulp down the gritty mix and brace for the aftertaste.

It was with this trepidation that I first tasted Skratch’s new mix at Interbike last year. The paper cups, the oversized dispenser filled with rich liquid chocolate. Trembling hands as I watch the level rise in the cup and know that I’m about to try a new recovery drink.

Then I remember this is Skratch Labs‘ booth. Courage. I down it . . . . Dang.

It’s. Crazy. Good.

And, no, they’ve not paid me to write this. Although, I wish they would–I’d be a Skratch Labs ambassador any day because every single thing I’ve tasted by them is ridiculously awesome.


Skratch Labs Recovery Mix for Cyclists, Triathletes, and RunnersThree flavors (vanilla, chocolate, and coffee) all live up to Skatch’s legacy for being taste-bud friendly, and make you actually look forward to helping your body to repair itself after an intense workout.

The best flavor, of course, being chocolate, Skratch’s Endurance Recovery Mix mixes with just water and offers sodium, protein, and sugars to help your body replenish those depleted stores.

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Although I didn’t do any truly scientific testing, in my experience, this mix made me feel fresher and less fatigued than my usual chocolate mix. After some especially difficult HIIT sessions, I fully expected my legs to feel trashed the next day. But with Skratch, I bounced back better without that lead-legged feeling.

The cool thing? My old mix tasted horrible, and I hated ending rides with it. This is my new mix; for real. Forever.

A Little More Info

You can get the endurance mix in a few different packages, and buy them in singles, 10-pack single serving pouches, and a big resealable bag with 12 servings.

Price: $3.50 to $35 | Sizes: Single, 10-Pack, and Resealable Bag | Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee

You can grab some for yourself direct from Skratch Labs, at your LBS (like Art’s Cyclery) or at online retailers like Jenson USA or even Amazon.

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  1. I took a look at their site, and instead of protein heavy (20-30g or so), it looks like this is carb heavy? This seems more like a pre-workout fuel, rather than recovery. I’ve never had any bad tasting recovery mixes. I generally use Myofeed, which tastes amazing.

    • Hey Dave! While I haven’t tried Myofeed (good to hear there’s another alternative on the market that doesn’t taste awful), I generally like a lower protein drink to avoid putting on extra poundage. The carbs seem to generally replenish depleted stores. I’m sure this isn’t the case for all athletes, but I like the balance here personally. How much protein does Myofeed have?

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