Building Proper Running Form

7 April, 2013 Bek

Let’s face it–running sucks. I have heard the myth called the runner’s high, but I have mostly experienced the runner’s low. Often, I have participated in so-called “fun runs” and wondered, “Where is the fun? This just feels like a horrible idea.” If you’re like me, the last leg of […]

Why You Should Eat Pizza Before Your Next Swim

5 April, 2013 Bek

You’ve got an hour or two before your swim workout, and you need to get fueled up properly for all those meters you’ll face. Naturally you grab a nice, healthy salad with plenty of veggies, right? Nope! What you should reach for is that greasy, cheesy pizza that smells so […]

Preventing Cramps in Cycling and Triathlon

3 April, 2013 Bek

The other day, I had just finished swimming a quick 800 meters. As I pushed off the wall to start a few drills, my right calf seized up in an agonizing cramp. My friend helped me to the side of the pool, and I was able to stretch it on […]

Getting Grease Out of Your Jerseys

2 April, 2013 Bek

So you dropped a chain on a ride, got grease all over your gloves, and accidentally wiped them on your crisp, white, team jersey. Or maybe you rubbed some grit and grime onto your bib shorts putting your bike back on your car rack. However you got the grease on […]

Bike Stand on the Go – Roadside Shifting Adjustments

31 March, 2013 Bek

So you’re riding along the road, and your rear derailleur starts to click. What do you do? Pull over and flip your expensive carbon bike upside down? Do that and risk throwing off your shifting for good, scratching your saddle, or ruining your shifters altogether. So, how in the heck […]

Ride Safely in Traffic

29 March, 2013 Bek

When it comes to sports like cycling, I’ve heard two types of opinions on safety. From my family: “Get out and ride, you’ll be fine! Go have fun and do what you love!” From my husband’s family: “Are you wearing a bright enough color? Shouldn’t you be more worried about […]

The Rules of Road Cycling

28 March, 2013 Bek

Google “rules of road cycling” and you’ll find several sites discussing the proper way to wear your kit, buckle your helmet, and pull on your socks. Google “rules of triathlon” and you’ll actually get guidelines for racing legally. To those outside the road cycling world, riders may look like idiots […]

Tips for Swimming in Rough/Choppy Water

26 March, 2013 Bek

Here are some excellent tips for swimming in rough/choppy water, which is pretty much any swim in triathlon when everyone is splashing all around you. If you have your first triathlon coming up, practice swimming in open water before the race! You will be surprised at how different the experience […]

Using Baby Wipes on Your Bike & Powder in Your Triathlon Kit

26 March, 2013 Bek

Whether or not you have kids, there are a few baby supplies you should keep in your bike room. Baby powder  and baby wipes have several uses from cleaning the grime off your frame to making race-day transitions smooth (pardon the pun). Transitions: Besides keeping you smelling fresh during your […]

Why You Need A Pro Bike Fit and What to Expect

25 March, 2013 Bek

Knee pain dragging you down? Lower back aching after an hour in the saddle? Get set up right by a professional bike fitter, and enjoy many pain-free miles on the road. Getting a proper fit can make you faster, give you better control, and help you find that optimal position […]

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